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Practicing, Training, Testing

Number 5, this is kind of an idea I’ve developed and found very useful.  Understanding the difference between practicing something, training, and testing. So with testing, this is where you’re in a competition or you’re really going all out, see what you can do — this is where you break out the mental toughness.  You […]

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Practicing vs. Training vs. Testing

The following is an excerpt from Practicing Strength and Movement: How to Gain Any Skill FASTER! which is the new manual now available. In working around the idea of “strength is a skill” I came up with the following continuum. Previously I have pointed out the difference between training and testing your strength, but here […]

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Progress and Regress in Biofeedback Part 4

I’m regularly getting questions on biofeedback training, almost everyday. So I thought it was time for another report on how its working out for me. The whole system is built on a premise. Everything is movement.We desire to move better. Often this is in the form of moving against resistance, also known as strength, but […]

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Kettlebell Snatch Test

Progress in Biofeedback Training – Part 2

This is the second in a series on my progress on biofeedback. Click here for the first post. I still feel like I need more time to have revolutionary results. So far the results have only been great! My lifts are going up. By following my biofeedback my body is guiding me to do higher […]

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97lb KB Press

Progress in Biofeedback Training – Part 1

Almost another month has passed since I last wrote about biofeedback training. I’ve decided I want to give a play by play account of how it’s working out for me. That means this will be the first in a series of articles on my progress in biofeedback training. And for this one I have to […]

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17 Points

I got back from a revolutionary weekend. Here are some of my notes. Now, you can skim these and go about your day. Or you can take some time and try to ’get’ what they are saying. If you do this you will reap the rewards for doing so. 1. Think in terms of association […]

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