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Upgrade Your Testosterone

Total vs Free T (and the Role of SHBG)

On the topic of the recent testosterone articles, Ken asks: “I had blood work done two months ago, and my free testosterone wasn’t bad: 794 ng/dl. But my free testosterone, which I understand is what really counts, was quite low – 9.5 pg/ml. They suggested that might be because of high sex-hormone binding globulin. In […]

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992 Total Testosterone

Recently, I got my latest blood work back. And I was happy to find I hit a new PR in both total and free testosterone! 992 ng/dL Total Testosterone And my Free Testosterone came in at 17.2 ng/dL. I have a post going into more detail about the results over at Lost Empire. I’m sharing it […]

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Best Bodyweight Exercises For Maximizing Testosterone And Growth Hormone Response

When was the last time you performed a full bodyweight workout? Chances are, not recently. We don’t blame you; after all it is not commercially “sexy”. Yes, even though bodyweight workouts remain an effective way to jack testosterone and growth hormone levels through the roof, they are undeservedly frowned upon because there is nothing to […]

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Sex on Strength

I am very impressed with the quality of questions that have been coming in lately. Jon-Mikael asked the following: “I wanted to ask your take on how sex affects the body and one’s strength. I have at times “released” my sexual energy and my body feels like it is on vacation. I then go to […]

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As Good as Steroids?

An interesting question… Dorian asks, “Can your Testosterone and HGH programs work as good as steroids and HGH injections?” My first reaction to this was of course not…but there are two sides to this. The answer depends on what you mean by “work as good”. With steroids, testosterone replacement, or growth hormone injections, you can […]

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Sunshine on Balls

This is going to sound really weird. I bet a bunch of people are going to unsubscribe or write me off just because of it. But I don’t care. I have to tell you the truth. Vitamin D is critically important for your health. In fact, its not so much a vitamin but a hormone […]

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Ryan Magin

Podcast: Ryan Magin on Testosterone

If you want to become strong, healthy and even successful in just about any measure you need to have your hormones running at least at a decent level if not optimal. I got on the line with Ryan Magin who has been on a quest to find natural means to increase testosterone to those optimal […]

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My Health Results

A couple months back I got my blood tested for the first time ever. For about a year I had been interested in doing just that. As I plan on sharing even more health related information with you in the coming months I figured giving you a “score card” so to speak would be a […]

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I’m Going to Start Taking Steroids

Not really. But after last night I’d be lying if I said I didn’t consider it. You see, last night I finally watched the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster which is all about steroids. I’d heard about it for sometime but I didn’t get around to watching it until now. If you haven’t seen it here […]

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Logan Christopher and David Wolfe

7 Amazing Longevity Health Tips

I got back from my trip last to the Longevity Now Conference last night. And what a trip it was. I’m afraid I can only scratch the surface of everything I learned here. But I did want to give you a few things to take away from it. 1. Grounding yourself allows your blood to […]

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