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60kg Kettlebell Snatch

The following video shows a few reps on each arm with the 60kg kettlebell snatch. I ordered a 60kg kettlebell from Dragondoor for the purpose of making it my heavy kettlebell. By means of doing this “The Beast,” aka the 48kg bell, would no longer be the heaviest one I had. This is for both […]

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The American Swing or High Pull

Today I’d like to talk about the American Kettlebell Swing and its connection to high pull and kettlebell snatch. So, what exactly is the american swing? The regular kettlebell swing is mostly done  around hip or shoulder height, whereas in the American swing the kettlebell actually goes overhead. This American swing is used in Crossfit […]

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Kettlebell Snatch

Broken Arm Kettlebell Snatch

There is a man that has has suffered from a broken arm from a kettlebell snatch. If you google it you’ll see a few reports about it, all from the same guy (who unfortunately shares a name with me.) I do not actually know this person. Apparently he is from Scotland. Even on one website […]

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