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I wanted to take the time to share my story of training under Dennis Rogers, now that my company is officially distributing his DVD’s.

My friend and I had started to get into some serious training (beyond the bodybuilding we did back in high school, without knowing any better).

I read The Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein and was inspired. I seriously thought to myself, why can’t I do that? And so I started on that path.

I guess you could say that my first feat of strength was short bending, when I started with Ironmind’s bag of nails. This led me into the world of grip.

Then I came across Dennis Rogers. I believe that I first heard of him through John Wood at Functional Hand Strength but I can’t be sure at this point. At that time I bought A Grip That Rips. Its funny as I was more interested in card tearing at that point then phonebook tearing but I figured what was on that DVD would help with it.

Anyway, once it arrived I got started with phonebooks. I would tear them down the seem so I could start real small. In fact the first phonebook I ever tore was probably less then a half inch thick. But I trained at it progressively.

One day it clicked for me. Then I was shredding through normal sized phonebooks left and write. In fact I was visiting a friends house and he just kept handing them to me. By the time the night was over the floor was literally covered in torn phonebook paper. A fond memory.

I got more of Dennis Rogers DVD’s and when he introduced his monthly program, Oldetime Strongman University I jumped on it. Unfortunately that material is no longer available.

I continued training and working on the different feats of strength. My first performance ever was for a talent show at my job at that time. Overall it went pretty well but I also learned a lesson not to judge a phonebook solely on its size, as that can be quite deceptive.

Back in ‘08 Dennis held a small workshop that I attended along with a number of other people. For the most part that group has become a whose who of performing strongmen today. My strength and performance skills grew better.

Oldtime Strongman University

It was also as a result of this that Dennis hooked me up with Bud Jeffries. I had bought Bud’s products in the past, but had never actually met or talked to him. He was looking for a business partner and with my business growing it was a great fit.

I never dedicated myself to becoming a regular paid performer although I did a few successful shows like the Atomic Athletic Strongman Picnic and at my gym’s grand opening.

Then last year after the first Super Human Training Workshop and the great success of the Feats of Strength segment we taught there, Bud suggested to Dennis to hold another workshop. So in December we put on another small event which was loved by the attendees, who you‘ll likely be hearing about in the future with their own strongman (and strongwoman) exploits.

Even though I put on this event and helped to teach at it, my skills still got better. I had a big leap in my success with horseshoe bending there.

Now Dennis Rogers wants to focus on his shows and other areas of his life more, and not on the business of selling DVD’s. So Legendary Strength is now the official distributor of all his classic DVD’s.

I figure most people reading this, that would be interested in performing these feats of strength, are well aware of Dennis Rogers and likely already have his DVD’s.

But if you haven’t and you want the kind of power bending steel and shredding phonebooks brings, then pick them up today. In my opinion they’re way too cheap for the value they deliver.

For phonebook tearing click here.

For scrolling click here.

For driving nails with your hand click here.

For wrench bending, frying pan rolling, screwdriver breaking and more click here.

We’ve also got a special package deal available at a discount if you want to grab them all. You’ll find that at the bottom of any page.

To sum up, training with Dennis Rogers has been a blessing in my life. I wouldn‘t be quite the same person without him. And it’s an honor to carry his products on my site.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Great Article Logan! Good shit! I, Also, have learned & was first introduced thru Dennis Rogers to the Oldetime Feats of Strength & I WOULDN’T be the man that I am today in my training neither WITHOUT Dennis Rogers…

    I’d say WITHOUT Dennis Rogers, at LEAST 95% of the strongmen that do oldetime feats of strength,WOULDN’T be doing it without him & if they did, they WOULDN’T be as good & knowledgeable about it as they are… speaking for You & Yours truly over here!

    And you should be honoured that you can represent & sell his AWESOME DVD’s thru your site, wich I OWN ALL of them already, as you already figured…

    btw man, one last question before I split, did YOU ask to represent & sell his courses or did he offer it to you? I was just curious about that, that’s all…

      1. @Logan: That’s cool man! What an Honour to say the least! That’s some serious TRUST from the Grandmaster Strongmen himself! Good stuff!

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