Steps You Can Start Doing TODAY That Will Lead to Improved Health, Performance and Life

Dear Friend,

Complex can by good, but isn’t simple better?  Many of these tips are those that you can start doing today, if not right NOW, to attain better health.

No matter where your health is at, it can be improved.  And you don’t have to do so by leaps and bounds (except in drastic cases).

Instead take the incremental improvement approach.  What if you just added one of these tips to your life each day?  In less than four months, can you imagine the health and vibrant life you would have? It can be that easy.

  • 1 & 2 – Do you make these breathing mistakes?101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health
  • 7 – The very first thing you should do each morning
  • 14 – Why diets don’t work and how to find what does.
  • 19 – Enjoy the heat.
  • 25 – Want to absorb more of your food?  Do this.
  • 28 – A superior class of herbs now readily available
  • 29 – __________ = Health
  • 39 – Why the toilet seat is your enemy…
  • 45 – Do you follow your body’s natural rhythm?
  • 47 – Everyone uses them.  But most people also have neck problems and bad posture.
  • 50 – How to test your health each and every morning
  • 52 & 80 – Use it or lose it covers your mind and your body
  • 54 – Are you working out?  Yes.  But are you training eery part of your body?
  • 56 – Anaerobic vs. Aerobic
  • 61 – Getting upside down
  • 69 – Are you connected to the earth (literally)?
  • 72 – Burn out your eyes…or an ancient healthful practice?
  • 81 – Work both sides of this and you’ll be happier, more fulfilled, and healthier.
  • 84 – What would holding this impossible belief do for you?
  • 88 – This picture makes a big difference
  • 95 – Your sex life and its health connection
  • 98 – Double your results by getting one of these

This and 77 more tips will be in your hands when you get 101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health.

If just one of the steps works for you, helps you avoid getting sick (#26 specifically address how to do that at the first sign of a cold), helps you have greater energy, and helps you to enjoy life more — what would it be work to you?  Certainly more than the cost of this book.  But you don’t have just one tip; you’ll get one hundred more.


“Logan, this is really good.  I really like the no-bs right-to-the-point approach.  Too many books these days are all fluff and bulk.  This is to the point and direct which is totally my style.”
— Jeremy Shapiro  (San Jose, CA)

“I sat down and read Logan’s book in one sitting and could not put it down.  I’ve already implemented three things immediately into my daily routine with notes to do several more this week.  I have spent literally an entire lifetime following natural healthy living and in a time when we all get bombarded by a huge overdose of information every day, it can be confusing to know where to start or what to do. 101 Simple Steps for Radiant Health cuts through all the ‘noise’ out there and literally gives you 101 easy and fun ways to improve your life.  Right away.  Some of the stuff will seem really obvious (but you need to hear it again anyway).  Some of it will be profound in a ‘why didn’t I think of that hand-smacking-the-forehead kind of way.’  This stuff works.  Read it and do it!”
— Josh Lucier (La Jolla, CA)

“First of all, I want to say that you 101 Simple Steps to Radiant Health is a SICK book (in a good way!).  The simplicity of it makes it an awesome book about health, without all the scietific BS of MOST health books these days.  Just straight to the point, no fluff, NO BS, legit stuff!  I consulted it & keep on consulting it day by day as a reminder of how IMPORTANT health is to strength & vice versa!  Bottom line: It’s an awesome straight-to-the-point book which every health fanatic should have!”
— Matti Marzel (Netherlands)

“I love this book because the chapters are bite sized and the steps are simple to understand. . And there are so many tips to get started on.  The results I’ve seen from applying this information are a more relaxed body, mostly due to the various chapters on breathing.  one chapter I found really interesting, and got immediate results from was the remedy for on-coming colds.  That helped me shorten my usual drawn-out 2 week cold and even my partner’s cold.  I was quite happy in my ignorance prior to reading the book, but after reading through, it has really opened my eyes to nutrition and superior food.  I’m now making more selective choices in what I intake.”
— Jane Suos (Wakeley, Australia)

101 Advanced Steps to Radiant Health is the Long-Awaited Sequel Covering More In-Depth and Advanced Health Enhancing Methods

  • 1 – The best quality water in the world?
  • 2 – Food that is better than organic.
  • 4 – The original superfood (not as popular but often cheap due to lack of demand).
  • 5 – My resource for the best meat in the world.
  • 8 – If you’re going to avoid one thing to eat THIS is a good bet.
  • 9- Discover time tested principle of diet (not new fads that come and go).
  • 11 – If you want to eat healthy, you or someone you know MUST do this.
  • 13 – Beware the tricky food labeling done by producers of food.
  • 15 – How you combine food can be as important as what you eat.
  • 17 & 18 – Different than deep breathing, this breath training can actually make you smarter!
  • 20 – If you want to sleep well, this could be the best cheap investment you ever make.
  • 21 – The revolution I made to my office that boosted my health and productivity.
  • 22 – An ancient Ayurvedic practice possibly superior to brushing your teeth.
  • 24 – Hitting this acupressure point can act as a jumpstart to your batteries.
  • 27 & 28 – Juice up your organ health by activating these points on your hands and feet.
  • 32 – The shotgun approach to auriculotherapy.
  • 33 – This substance is named the Palm of Christ for its benefits.
  • 35 – My favorite methodology to get what you want (for health and other things)…
  • 38 – …And sometimes an even faster method!
  • 41 – Better than meditation or yoga to learn how to relax.
  • 45 – Banish worries from your life with this 3-step worry formula.
  • 49-52 – Four tests to gain info to optimize your health (one of which is free!)
  • 54 – This one is outside of your control, but important.
  • 56 – Improved performance and health by mimicking babies?
  • 57 – Bet you didn’t know this increases Oxytocin, the bonding hormone.
  • 59 – One supplement virtually EVERYONE should be on, because it’s that important and almost no one has enough.
  • 62 – Don’t fall pray to this dietary fallacy.
  • 64 – This “bodybuilding” supplement is actually even better for gut health.
  • 67 – Keep your food fresher, longer, which saves your nutrition and wallet.
  • 69 – Another productivity and health boosting method that I’ve been doing regularly for close to a year now.
  • 70 – The only PROVEN method, across every species, to extend life…
  • 71 – …And how to do it easily.
  • 72 – …Plus 5 things that mimic its advantages.
  • 74 – All mammals in nature do this practice.  Do you?
  • 75 – A powerful substance to neutralize toxins from what you eat.
  • 79 – A four step protocol for major detoxing.
  • 82 – It’s not just about what you eat.  You absorb toxins and nutrients through this too.
  • 84 – Many people in the health field have heard of phyto-estrogens, but not these.
  • 87 – Top herbalists say if everyone on the planet was on this herb, the world would be a healthier and happier place.
  • 88 – Consume this herb for 100 days.
  • 90 – Examining what comes out of you, according to this 7 type chart, can be informative.
  • 95 – You may be surprised to find that physical injury to this can result in all kinds of problems.
  • 96 – It’s in limited supply, so are you using it on the right things?
  • 101 – Don’t forget about all these!


“I am 65 years old and I have always had high cholesterol — my total number always coming in between 275 and 295.  A year ago, my LDL was 210 and my HDL was a respectable 65.  I read your tip on Bentonite Clay, and began taking it about 90 days ago for general detox purposes.  I researched it a bit more and found users saying that it had a dramatic effect on their cholesterol levels.  This week, I had my annual physical.  After 90 days on the clay, my LDL dropped from 210 to 178, and my HDL rose from 65 to 81!  My doctor was shocked.  Needless to say, I will be drinking this stuff for the rest of my life — better than taking statin drugs, which (in the face of great pressure) I have always refused to take.  I should also mention that I have always suffered from psoriasis, which becomes especially inflamed during the winter months.  Since taking the clay, I have had almost no symptoms.  This amazes me as much as the cholesterol numbers.  So… I believe I owe you a very big Thank You!”
— Bruce Coltin (Watertown, MA — ACE Certified Personal trainer, HKC & NPTI Certified Kettlebell Instructor)

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