“I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone, come and see how good I look!”
-Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) in Anchorman

On that note this page is to showcase how awesome I am.

Truthfully I’m a humble guy, but I thought this would be a good place to showcase my best strength and endurance feats all in one place. For those who are new to me and my website, welcome to the world of Logan Christopher and Legendary Strength.

My aim is to inspire and to teach how you can do the same. I’ve included links to articles that discuss these feats in more detail for those of you that want to dig deeper.

Pulling a Firetruck by My Hair at the Atomic Athletic Oldetime Strongman Picnic.

Flaming Kettlebell Juggling at the Wizards of Strength Workshop.

1003 lb Neck Bridge Support

Lifting Over 1000 lbs. in a Rack Pull

My current record in the deadlift at 505 lbs.

My first ever successful Tiger Bend where you press up into a handstand from a forearm stand.

Crazy Kettlebell Juggling. There’s lots more kettlebell juggling videos available.

Abdominal Vacuum, The Rope and More

301 53 lb. Kettlebell Snatches in 10 Minutes with multiple hand switches.

91 Snatches with the Beast Kettlebell 48kg (106lb.) in 10 minutes

60kg Kettlebell Snatch

Eighthing a Deck of Cards

Grade 8 Bolt Bend

Stone Loading for the WIN at a Strongman Competition

110 lb. Chin-up

Full Range Handstand Pushup with 30 lb. Weight Vest

Full Range Freestanding Handstand Pushup

4-Way One Legged Squats (Shrimp, Dragon, Pistol, Figure 4)

Front Splits

175 lb. Barbell Bent Press

135 lb. Barbell Getup

Rope Hang (aka Epstein Lift)

And to show I don’t take myself too seriously here are my best Bloopers caught on film.

Jumping Pistols Blooper

Rope Jump FAIL


  1. Hey Logan, Very impressive stuff here….I saw you on YT before….I’m glad I found your email list…

  2. Awesome, very cool. Thanks to the herbs and Mindset.

    Thanks for sharing and providing such Amazing herbs for everyone!

  3. Dude impressive stuff!

    No idea if your stille active here but..
    Any advice to someone (me) how to set up a routine with a climbing rope, 60 kg sandbag, rings and a weightvest. My goal is to drop the gym, be more outside and be strong/conditioned. Do you have a guide somwehere?


    1. Author

      Thanks. I don’t have a guide to those specific tools but reading my books Master Keys to Strength and Fitness as well as Deceptive Strength should be helpful in those aims.

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