Grade 8 Bolts

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I haven’t done any serious bending for quite some time, but I started training again recently. During this workout I tried to bend a Grade 8 bolt and that’s first time I tried it since I bent one long time ago.

Here’s my recent bend:

And here’s the one from back in October of 2011:

As you can see this time it went much better and faster. In fact, it was so easy I did a second one. After some more work on these I’ll finally be seriously attempting the Red Nail.

Want to learn how to get started bending nails? Check out this video.


  1. I do enjoy the updates, even though I am not even close to doing some if these things. I do find it motivating, keep it up. 🙂

  2. I like to read about your training and PR’s, I find it motivating and gives me ideas for my own training

  3. I will only ever take advice now from people who are constantly improving themselves now. So I’m all for seeing more.

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