Grade 8 Bolt Bend

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Hit a new big PR yesterday during my workout – Bending a Grade 8 Bolt.

It sort of happened like my 505 lb. deadlift. Coming into the workout I just had a feeling I could do it. So I warmed up with some lighter bolts and nails then went into it.

Here’s the video.

This has been a goal of mine for over a year, although I haven’t been completely focused in on it.

The Grade 8 bolt is just one step away from Ironmind’s Red Nail, which when you can bend that you are considered world class at bending.

I did a lot of work with the Wrist Developer for a time. Although it mimics the reverse bending style I found it didn’t quite carry over my short bending. There may be some but it is quite a different feel to it.

So in the last two months I switched gears and started bending again.

Since one day in the future I want to certify I realized I’m going to have to start bending in Ironmind’s wraps instead of the leathers I’m familiar with. Let me tell you for me there is a world of difference.

So I started training with the much smaller wraps, that inflict more pain with bending. I worked on some easier and harder 60D nails. I was working up to being able to do a Grade 5 bolt in these wraps but didn’t quite get there…yet.

However, yesterday I decided to go back to the leathers and try my hands at the Grade 8. As you can see I was successful. I had never gotten beyond the kink before.

Grade 5 and Grade 8 Bolts Bent

Check out the un-centered bend of the Grade 5 I did before the Grade 8.

It’s kind of like doing partials which can desensitize you to heavier weights. Only in this case I was using a lighter “weight” but less wraps for the desensitization.

Now I’ll continue to work with both the leathers and cordura wraps, back and forth, as I work my way towards the next goals. These include:

  • Bend a Grade 5 Bolt in Ironmind Pads
  • Bend a Grade 8 Bolt in Ironmind Pads
  • Bend a Red Nail in Leathers
  • Bend a Red Nail in Ironmind Pads
  • Bend a Red Nail for Certification

If you want to bend steel, tear decks of cards and many other feats of strength I highly suggest you make your way over to here to learn from the best of the best, Dennis Rogers at our upcoming workshop.

Also if you want more tips like these (including the mental tactics I used, for this one I call ’Weakening the Steel’, and know I wouldn’t have been successful without it) then sign up for my new Peak Performance Elite Coaching. The few remaining spots are filling rapidly.

As what always happens with feats like these, once the first one falls, the rest are soon to follow.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


    1. @Jedd: Thanks Jedd. Actually I during a lot of my bending leading up to this I used one idea I got from your bending DVD, that I hadn’t been doing earlier.

  1. Yay for you Logan!

    I don’t know much about steel bending – does this load specific muscle groups, or is it pretty much a full upper body workout (looks pretty intense from the video) ?

    1. @Ben Edwards: Thanks Ben.

      @Sol: That would be braced bending and isn’t how short bending like this is done. Using the legs is usually reserved for items about 10″ or longer.

      @Gaspode: Pretty much a full body workout, specifically focused on the hands, forearms and chest.

  2. hei Logan,

    haha you seem to have bent the nail WITHOUT the use of of legs, i mean without wedging it in between and pressing..seems like a more difficult/ legit way to claim such a feat. nice.

    ..still waiting for u to release a book on hand strength, dude

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