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To Warmup or Not Warmup?

In Bodyweight Mastery, Health-Mastery by Logan Christopher1 Comment

Like all things, whether or not you should do a warmup depends on quite a few different factors. I was just reading through a book that recommended spending 15 minutes engaging in a warmup in order to maximize performance. That may well be the case, but that fact is that …

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Training Partners?

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To have a training partner or not having a training partner, that is the question… Jesse asks, “Do you think having a training partner helps? I’m seeking a training partner for outdoors bodyweight exercises but it is hard to find people who are up to speed. Do you have any …

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Pills replacing Exercise?!?

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“Given the option, would you avoid the gym altogether and simply pop a pill or drink a supplement that brings about the same benefits as a workout? It sounds farfetched, but the idea of lounging around all day yet still enjoying the health benefits of an intense workout may soon …

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Light Weights vs Heavy Weights

In Strongman Mastery by Logan Christopher2 Comments

Question about light weights vs. heavy weights for strength What is better to use, heavy weights or light weights? Marcelo asks: I want to build well-rounded athleticism and strength and have followed some of the workouts from some of your programs and books such as Deceptive Strength and Indestructible body. …

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Fasting and Strength

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Brandon asks: “Have you ever done the warrior diet before, or any other fasting diets? If you have were there ever any gains in strength even if it was gradual? I ask mostly bc I’m trying to shed fat but I desprately don’t want to lost any strength. I want …

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8 Overrated Fitness Ideas

In Health-Mastery by Logan Christopher1 Comment

Please note that when I say overrated, I mean just that. These are rated higher than they ought to be in my judgment. That doesn’t mean they aren’t useful at all or don’t have their places. With that in mind start ruffling some feathers… Marathons This is still seen by …

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I am Tendon Strong

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The following comes from promotional material from The Iron Samson, Alexander Zass, one of my favorite of the oldtime strongmen. The secret of my strength explained. Many physical culturists possess large-size muscles, yet they lack something—something- fundamental. Some possess it in a degree more than others, but they have not …

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135 lb. Weak Side Bent Press

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I hit my bent press goal for the weaker side, my left arm of 135 lbs. (My goal for the right arm is 185 lbs. and I’m still working towards that) Want to learn more about this exercise? This video and post walks you through how to do the bent …

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Strength Training Mindset

In Mental Mastery by Logan Christopher1 Comment

When you go to the gym, do you leave feeling accomplished? Or do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Your success in the gym has to do with your mindset. Your mindset refers to not a singular idea or belief, but to multiple or a “set” of …

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Derren Brown on Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is a fascinating field, one that most people just have myths and misconceptions about. This video with Derren Brown, on The Joe Rogan Experience, is a good place to learn about what hypnosis is and it isn’t. There’s a myth that you couldn’t be hypnotized to do anything you …