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How to Properly Use a Wrist Roller

If you’re looking to build wrist strength, then there is one way to properly use a wrist roller. The common way of using a wrist roller involves holding it up with your arms outstretched. The problem with this is that your shoulder strength is going to be the limiting factor, by a big degree. Thus, […]

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Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Burpees

This video is the third in a series of progressive stand up challenges, where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements. This video covers some possibilities with the basic burpee. Prerequisite: None Standard: Burpee. Squat down, jump the legs back to bottom of a pushup position. Then jump legs […]

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Why aim for Flow in Movement?

When it comes to fitness, we tend to think about tangible things. Strength is pounds on the bar or kettlebell, or the progressive step of a bodyweight exercise. Endurance is the time in which you can complete an event or workout. Body transformation is largely about pounds on the scale (as well as body fat […]

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Weighted Pistol Tips and Tricks

This weighted pistol tip can make a big difference in your ability to pull off the move, especially when going for a heavy weight. For those not familiar with it, the pistol is a one leg squat where the extra leg is held in front of you. It all depends on how much you’re able […]

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How to Boost Performance 300%

Yesterday, I mentioned the flow state and how the science has investigated this further. Specifically, studies have found that people in the “flow state” release a number of different neurotransmitters and hormones. These include: Norepinephrine & Dopamine: Tightens focus and keeps us in the NOW. Speeds up muscle reaction time, improves pattern recognition. Anandamide: Pain […]

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What is FLOW?

Flow… It’s a big buzzword these days, but what does it really mean? Ask different people and you’ll get many different answers. Inside of Mental Muscle, I included a large section about how to access and strengthen your flow state for greater performance. Much of that work was modeled from what Charles Garfield did back […]

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How to Train for an Obstacle Course

Jason asks: “I love watching your strength videos and what you’ve been able to accomplish. Ever since I’ve found your company and have been taking your herbs its been amazing! I had question about obstacle course racing training and in your opinion, what is the best way to prepare for one. “ The ideal way […]

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12 Carrying Exercise Positions

Overall, carrying weights is an underrated exercise. It deserves prominence up there with squats and deadlifts as a way to build bodily strength. And it tends to be very applicable to life as sometimes we need to pickup and move heavy things. Nor is it just about strength, but can be turned into a great […]

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The Benefits of EXTENDED Sleep

Yesterday, we talked a bit about the drawbacks of poor sleep. And we could go much, much further on these (blood sugar disregulation leading to weight gain, heart problems, depression, etc.) But today, I want to talk about something more fun… The benefits of extended sleep. And while extension of the amount of time in […]

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Does Lack of Sleep Sap Strength?

Not really, or at least not immediately. A study titled “The acute effects of twenty-four hours of sleep loss on the performance of national-caliber male collegiate weightlifters” stated that: “These data suggest that 24 hours of sleep loss has no adverse effects on weightlifting performance.” Essentially, you’ll be just as strong in max attempt type […]

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