Super Human Workshop Blooper Reel

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In between sets and reps, we all need a moment to breathe and, more importantly, laugh a little!

We often think of fitness as this serious, sweat-drenched pursuit. And it very often is. But there’s also room for a whole lot of joy, unexpected surprises, and yes – belly laughs.

So, here’s something to lighten up your day:

At the second Super Human Training Workshop not one, not two, but three big bloopers were caught on camera.

I can remember how much the Bud, I and the attendees laughed watching these over and over.

In this first example Bud pushes a heavy sled that decides to quit cooperating.

Here I hop along on a pullup bar with a rope and miss the transfer

Lastly, Noah Jeffries falls off screen climbing around like a monkey.

Fitness isn’t just about grit and determination – it’s also about enjoying the ride, the slips, the falls along the way.

Never forget that sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

And if you’d like more than the laughs, to get the detailed and comprehensive training information you can grab the full Bud Jeffries Tribute Offer here.

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