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Sex on Strength

I am very impressed with the quality of questions that have been coming in lately. Jon-Mikael asked the following: “I wanted to ask your take on how sex affects the body and one’s strength. I have at times “released” my sexual energy and my body feels like it is on vacation. I then go to […]

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Acid or Alkaline?

There are certain health ideas that get widespread despite their “truthiness”. I don’t claim to have all the answers…just most of them 😉 Seriously though, I am constantly learning more and updating what I think is best. In fact, I use to fall for the one below regarding acid and alkaline balance, but I’ll tell […]

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Body Building Versus Sports

The following is an article from Sig Klein, famous strongman and bodybuilder of the early 1900’s. I think you’ll find it interesting. Many people are of the opinion that one should indulge in body building with one view in mind – that is, competitive sports. I believe, and have heard many people who are authorities […]

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My Opinion on TRT

Hormone replacement therapies. What is my opinion? That’s what Jon asked below… What is your stance on pharmaceutical grade TRT and HGH and why? I am 28 and have no intention of taking TRT until early to mid 40s but I imagine I will take small daily or weekly doses of TRT and get montly […]

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Applied Knowledge is Power

Had to share this comment from Inner Circle member, Scott. It flies in the face of the cultural idea that things get worse with age. (And we all need to work to overturn that idea both personally and then to influence others by example.) Hi Logan, Your newsletters and books are great! Have read Mental […]

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Float Tanks to Refine Your Breathing?

While I was in San Diego the other week I finally went to a sensory deprivation tank. Been meaning to try one of those out for a long time and finally I did. For those that haven’t experienced or heard about these you get into a pitch black tank float naked in heavily salted warm […]

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San Diego Stairs Workout

This past week I’ve been in San Diego for two back to back events and conferences. I do travel quite a bit for my businesses, but it’s typically weekend or few day trips. In those cases I usually hit a solid workout the day before or day of when leaving, and then use that time […]

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Are You Breathing Crap?

Think about it right now…. What is the QUALITY of the air that you’re breathing into your body? Is this air supporting your health? Or is it taking away from it? Chances are, if you are indoors, it is pretty crappy air, unless you’ve done a few things to remedy the situation. If you’re outside […]

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