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The Case Against Personal Trainers

Today, I want to make my case AGAINST hiring a personal trainer. This might seem like an odd thing to do considering I used to be one, but I stand by the case I’m about to make. First, why do people hire personal trainers? It really only comes down to a couple legitimate reasons… 1. […]

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Back Pain

Chiropractic vs. Mobility

I have a friend that has had an on-again, off-again spine issue for…well, years now. Sometimes, it’s not bad at all. But other times it’s horrible. Sometimes it makes it so that her leg falls asleep when she’s trying to sleep, which stops her from being able to sleep. Kinda ironic, isn’t it? Lately, it’s […]

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Should I Be Symmetrical in Strength?

I copy a conversation thread with a customer below as I figure some other people will find it interesting and useful. It covers how to target weak spots as well, body symmetry, and whether or not to aim for this. Enjoy! Laid writes: “If you remember I recently wrote you about my inability to do […]

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Full Deep Vacuum Box Breathing

A new breathing combination routine I’ve been doing which involves box breathing and the abdominal vacuum, along with a few other finer points. Details can be found inside of the August’s Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle newsletter titled “My New Favorite Breathing Exercise…Full Deep Vacuum Box Breathing”. Become a member here.

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Research Benefits of Deep Breathing Exercises

What Deep Breathing Does for You Recently I came across some new papers on the benefits of deep breathing exercises. Like this paper titled, “Physiology of long pranayamic breathing: neural respiratory elements may provide a mechanism that explains how slow deep breathing shifts the autonomic nervous system.” (Yep, they pretty much all have long convoluted […]

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How to Be Breathed

“Be Breathed” is a concept I learned many years ago from Scott Sonnon. It is the idea of the movement breathing you, rather than you breathing…even unconsciously. If you missed the previous video and post, that covers the difference between anatomic (or natural) breathing and paradoxical breathing. You must understand that concept first. Then come […]

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Breathing Principle – Anatomic vs. Paradox

Understanding the breathing principle of anatomic (or natural) vs. paradox is very important when breathing is combined with any sort of movement. This is as opposed to just sitting there doing breathing exercises. This video breaks this down in simple to understand terms using squats as an example of how you want to use each […]

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Fasting and Training

Mark asks: “Thanks very much for your interesting emails, and I really enjoyed the do’s and don’t health tips. Just a quick question- on your fasting days do you do any training on those days? I would be really interested to know what works best…” A great question. I recommend some form of fasting for […]

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What do I use for Earthing?

Jay asks, “What do you use for earthing?” This is answered more fully inside the Get Grounding Report I give away when you sign up for these emails on my site. For those asking themselves, what is grounding or earthing that lays out all you need to know. Suffice to say that having a physical […]

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The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness Cover

Get Fit…Be Happy, Make More Money

Had to share this study I came across last week… In a survey of two thousand people, one thousand of which exercised regularly and one thousand who didn’t, they found a few interesting correlations. Those that exercised: * Made on average $25,000 more per year. * Had more sex! * And were happier overall. Even […]

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