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Logan’s Recovery Ability

I went and saw the movie, Logan, this past weekend. With a name like that, how could I not? Besides, superheroes, specifically the X-men, were one of the things that pointed me in the direction of unlocking my own super powers when I was young.  By sharing a name with Wolverine, he was always one […]

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Progressive Eating

Yesterday, we discussed my plans to gain some muscle to help with my training goal, and how you might want to gain or shed the weight for your goals. (If you missed that you can find it on the blog here.) If gaining some muscle helps you, then training is one part of the equation. […]

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Sleep Infographic for Athletes

Recover While You Sleep

You have a training plan and a nutrition plan.  But do either include sleep? Studies show that sleep is as vital to an athlete as exercise and nutrition. We all hear that we should get 5-8 hours of sleep.  But did you know that the quality of your sleep is even more important? Don’t know how […]

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Tai Chi

Relaxation vs. Tension

I was talking to a friend of mine about Tai Chi just yesterday. “My teacher is always saying that you want to be both soft and hard. Too many people that engage in tai chi or qi gong, only ever practice the softness, and thus are missing one side of the equation.” I replied, “That’s […]

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Removing Pain Overnight

This is pretty amazing… Hay Logan, Was debating on weather or not to write you as this was just too strange and probably wouldn’t happen for most people but……. I have been dealing with a achillies tendon problem on my right ankle for close to a year. PT helped a little but then I just […]

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Sex on Strength

I am very impressed with the quality of questions that have been coming in lately. Jon-Mikael asked the following: “I wanted to ask your take on how sex affects the body and one’s strength. I have at times “released” my sexual energy and my body feels like it is on vacation. I then go to […]

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Acid or Alkaline?

There are certain health ideas that get widespread despite their “truthiness”. I don’t claim to have all the answers…just most of them 😉 Seriously though, I am constantly learning more and updating what I think is best. In fact, I use to fall for the one below regarding acid and alkaline balance, but I’ll tell […]

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Body Building Versus Sports

The following is an article from Sig Klein, famous strongman and bodybuilder of the early 1900’s. I think you’ll find it interesting. Many people are of the opinion that one should indulge in body building with one view in mind – that is, competitive sports. I believe, and have heard many people who are authorities […]

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My Opinion on TRT

Hormone replacement therapies. What is my opinion? That’s what Jon asked below… What is your stance on pharmaceutical grade TRT and HGH and why? I am 28 and have no intention of taking TRT until early to mid 40s but I imagine I will take small daily or weekly doses of TRT and get montly […]

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