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A while back I purchased the breath ebook and loved it but have since fallen out of my routine due to external factors such as school, relationships, etc. I was wondering out of all the breathwork you teach, what is the most successful in neutralizing anger?

I was looking in the relaxation section and trying to do the centered breath but when I am out of touch with emotions, I tend to be unable to hit the long in and out breaths.

Thank you and I very much look forward to your response.

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Great question.

The fact that you can’t get your breath in control helps show what is going on. I’d aim to keep striving to breathe like that until you can get the breath under control, and with it, your anger should be too.

As far as the parts of breathing, a longer, slower out-breath is more important for this.

Therefore one of the exercises mentioned in Upgrade Your Breath that is useful for this is the Centering Breath or 6-2-7. 

This is commonly known as the centering breath, a specific cadence that is used in breathing, holding and exhaling. Of course, it’s not the only method of centering yourself with breath so a more descriptive name of the 6-2-7 breath is also used.

This refers to inhaling at a six-count, holding for a two count and exhaling for a seven-count. With this breath, there is no hold after the exhale; you just go right back into inhaling. You could reverse it immediately though you may find a brief pause of less than a second more natural.

Without much holding, and with a slightly longer exhale than an inhale, this breath is great for relaxing and getting centered. It is slower than the average breath too. Repeat it for ten or more breaths and you’ll find out for yourself. Repeat it for ten minutes or so, and you’ll have entered an altered state for sure.

To that I’ll add this concept that is further developed in Outside the Box Breathing

Note that the centering breath is a triangle breath, an inhale and exhale with a hold just after the inhale.

One of the things covered is that the ideal breath for you doesn’t likely match some specific prescription. Perhaps for you…and for releasing anger specifically…a 6-2-10 breath is better.

Or a 6-3-8-2 breath is better.

You’ve got to play with it and see.

This can be combined with using some hypnotic commands, anchors or visualization as well to enhance it further. (See Mental Muscle

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