How Do Elite Bodyguards Train

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Being a bodyguard sounds like an incredible experience to some. Being the one who keeps important individuals out of harm’s way can be a rewarding experience. Sometimes it can be as simple as patrolling a living space. Other times it can be incredibly dangerous. It is a job that is a lot easier to look for than one might expect. You can even apply for a bodyguard job on Jooble or similar platforms. Consider using its search parameters to find available positions within your area or those best recommended for your skills. Below we have a helpful guide on how to train for such a job.

Standard Definition

An Elite Bodyguard or Security Officer is a specialized unit of protection. This type of guard will go above and beyond the regular expectations of securing an area or person of interest. This means that they need to be diverse in a wide range of skills. Examples include: 

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Remaining Calm
  • Self-Defense Skills
  • Army/Police Training
  • People Skills

The role of a security guard can be in a variety of different settings. You could be protecting just one individual. This will be from their own home or when they are traveling to another location. Another can be providing general security to an event. This can be like a pop concert or a press conference.

Not only are you expected to work long hours, but you are required to be constantly improving. This means learning new methods of defense, combat, reconnaissance, and tech work. They are expected to find the right solution for the situation, thinking ahead and acting accordingly. They must remain calm under all circumstances so as to not cause any undue stress to their clients. Lastly, they must always be vigilant for any potential threat. 

Training Regimen 

As you may expect, such a position will take extensive training and commitment. It can take years to not only build up the physical requirements but the mental ones too. You can gain these skills from standard security programs found from companies. These training programs are specifically designed to train bodyguards and other elite officers. There will be some requirements beforehand which can relate to your education or physical activities. Try looking for a program that has great reviews. One that has a good success rate of officers can help improve your chances of success. 

One good example in the US is the ISA Academy. They are one of the leading providers of bodyguard training services for law enforcement and other related jobs. They provide training and experience for both public and private security. They have been offering their training since 1998 and have only improved since then. They can offer advanced security management, firearm training, customizable courses, and more. As final exams, they can provide simulated scenarios to offer immersive experience into how to serve the job. Thanks to worldwide training, they have produced thousands of officers under their belt. 

Security Industry Authority License

An SIA license is a great help when job searching. As well as completing a training course, this will be a legal requirement for a lot of positions on offer. It can act as proof that you can do what you do and are allowed to do so by law. A lot of the training programs, such as the ISA Academy, can offer an exam for the license as well. The SIA have the right to remove your license based on the following factors: 

  • Committing a criminal offense (theft, assault, a caution, warning).
  • Failing to complete any training programs. 
  • Unidentifiable by law. 

Working Up to Elite

Even if you have completed everything above, you still need to work your way up to an elite position. This is some extra training that the course you have chosen can provide. You can specialize in more training to give you extra qualifications. These extra skills are what those who are looking for elite bodyguards will watch out for. You can find out more about elite training by asking them about it. Some, like the ISA Academy, can offer customizable courses so you can pick and choose what to learn. Get new skills so that you can apply for better jobs. 

Elite Skills to Learn

Here are some recommendations on what to focus on when training to an elite level: 

  • Communication Skills – Most of the work for bodyguards will be coordinating in a team and knowing who to contact. An elite will be expected to recognize all available services and to communicate instructions effectively. 
  • Situational Awareness – An elite guard is capable of analyzing their surroundings and recognizing threats. They can catch on to things quickly and perceive things people normally wouldn’t pay attention to. 
  • Crisis Management – Once a crisis has been found, an elite guard will know the right solution to the problem. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be anything complicated. Just contact the right people or handle the situation yourself in the right manner.

Where to Look

Once all the training and requirements are completed, you can now apply for jobs. As mentioned earlier, you can use job sites like Jooble to look for positions. Make sure to highlight the elite skills you have learned and your qualifications. Companies will be looking for these aspects so be sure to make them front and center. It is up to you to decide whether to relocate for the job or find more opportunities within your area. 

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