The Art and Science of Breathing Revealed

Master this Foundation of Health…and also Relaxation, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility and Subconscious Control with this Encyclopedia of Breathing Exercises

(Plus How to Improve Your Air Quality Too!)

6 Principles of Breath WorkDid you know that your lung’s vital capacity is one of the best predictors there is for death and illness?

And like hormones and other aspects of aging, it naturally goes down as you age…unless you DO something about it.

Breathing is 100% Free… and your health really doesn’t get any more fundamental than air.

More important than what you eat…

More important than sleep…

More important than water…

Simply by the fact that you can’t survive without air for far less time than all of those things. 

Yet few people pay it the attention it deserves simply because they think, “I already breathe, therefore I know everything I need to know about it.”

Don’t be so ignorant!

As you’ll come to find, when you truly know “how to breathe” you do much more than survive and even be healthy…

In this guide you’ll find more detail on all aspects of breathing than anywhere else. (I know because I looked.)

We start with the 6 Principles of Breath Work:

  • How to Know if You’re Breathing Deeply (pg. 10)
  • Use this Simple Trick to Add Nitric Oxide to the Air You Breathe for 10-18% Better Oxygenation (pg. 11)
  • The Benefits of Nasal Breathing (pg. 11)
  • What Weston A. Price Discovered Regarding Your Skeleton’s Formation and Quality Breathing (pg. 12)
  • Several Methods of Clearing Excess Mucus (pg. 12)
  • How Empty and Full Breathing is Different from Shallow and Deep Breathing (pg. 12)
  • Did you know Breathing is NOT the Only Bodily Function Done Both Consciously and Unconsciously, Contrary to Popular Opinion? (pg. 13)
  • Research Proves Proper Breathwork the Activates Autonomic Nervous System and Triggers Immune System into Action (pg. 13)
  • Why Understanding Anatomic vs. Paradox Breathing is Key to Excelling at Any Movement whether Strength Training or Sport (pg 14.)
  • How the Four “Legs” of Each Breath Impact It’s Effects
  • Forget Diet…Do This to Alkalize Your Blood (pg. 15)
The Mighty Atom, George Jowett, Maxick, Logan Christopher – A Pattern among the Very Weak and Sickly turned Strong and Healthy…How? Specific Emphasis on Breathing Exercises

From There We Move into the 7 Applications of Breathing Exercises

  • 7 Applications of Breathing ExercisesWhat the Strongman Volanko Taught the Mighty Atom about Breath and Progression (pg. 20)
  • George Jowett’s Favorite Breathing Exercise (pg. 21)
  • One of the Best Breathing and Spine Exercises to Start Your Day (pg. 22)
  • Why Maxick Says Diaphragmatic Breathing is WRONG…and What to Do Instead (pg. 22)
  • This ‘Inverse’ Breathing Exercise Squeezes Your Lungs Out like a Sponge, Massages Internal Organs, Stimulates Lymph, and Can Rid You of Excess Waste (pg. 24)
  • 3 Methods of Using Box Breathing (pg. 25)
  • This Simple Breathing Technique from The Iceman Wim Hof Leads to Big Benefits (pg. 26)
  • How to do the Breath of Fire (pg. 27)
  • Cut Your Lungs in Thirds to Improve Lung Capacity (pg. 30)
  • How Breath Holding Makes You Smarter and Can Double Your Lung Capacity! (pg. 30)
  • Over 10 Tips to Improve the Length of Your Breath Holds (pg. 31)
  • Two Main Alternatives to the Standard Breath Hold (pg. 32)
  • Little Known Secondary Diving Response that could Help Diabetics? (pg. 34)
  • Why a ‘T’ is Better than an ‘H’ and Other Finer Points in the Pressurized Exhale (pg. 36)
  • How to Breathe ‘Behind the Shield’ and Take this Ability Even Further (pg. 37)
  • Making it so ‘Wind’ is Never Your Limiting Factor in Any Exercise (pg. 39)
  • The Two Cycle Rhythm and Other Secrets to Incredible Endurance (pg. 40)
  • An Exercise Breathes You?!? (pg. 42)
  • Two Methods, including an Odd Energy Tactic, to Catch Your Breath Faster (pg. 43)
  • A Workout Format to Train Your Breath First and Foremost…Progressively (pg. 44)
  • Use this Breathing Cadence to Reach Your Center (pg. 46)
  • An Ancient Yogic Technique for Balance Left and Right Brain Hemispheres and More (pg. 46)
  • Use this Tip from the Father of Autogenics to Relax Your Breathing Further (pg. 47)
  • Want to Increase Fine Motor Skills? Use the Sharpshooter’s Trick (pg. 48)
  • This Breathing Method Helped Me Achieve the Front Splits (pg. 50)
  • Breathwork and Visualization Combined for Deeper, Easier Flexibility (pg. 51)
  • How to Activate Organs, Energy Centers, Injuries, the Immune System with Breath (pg. 54)
  • Bringing Feldenkrais’ Level of Awareness to Your Breath (pg. 55)
  • How to do the Microcosmic Orbit (pg.56)
  • A Quick Drill to Align and Enhance Your Chakras and More (pg. 56)
  • Got Constricted Breathing? Use this Meridian Tapping Method to Open Your Lungs (pg. 57)
  • And Much More

Includes samples routines for beginners and advanced breathwork practitioners. (pg 59)

Simply follow these and get healthier, a bigger lung capacity and many other side benefits.

Also shows how to install the habits of deep, full and nasal breathing to gain the health benefits all day long.  (pg 60)

Yet this book is not just about breathing exercises. It also shows you how to optimize:

ForestYour Air Environment

You see it’s not just about breathing more and better but also upgrading the quality of the air you do breath.

  • The Greatest Wrestler of All Time Says to Breathe at this Time (pg. 61)
  • You Won’t Believe the Baby Cage…And How this Shows the Importance of Good Air Circulation (pg. 61)
  • Secrets of Shinrin-Yoku…Or The Benefits of Breathing in the Forest (pg. 62)
  • This Little Device let’s You Mimic at Least One Part of the Forest Indoors (pg. 63)
  • Particle Physics $100000 of Research Shows the Best Air Purifier on the Market (pg. 63)
  • The #1 Plant to Get, Even for those with Brown Thumbs (pg. 64)
  • NASA Research has this to Say About the Benefits of Plants (Hint: They Do More than Produce Oxygen) (pg. 65)
  • How to Measure Air Quality (pg. 65)
  • This Powerful Herb Makes Your Lungs Stronger…Period (pg. 67)
  • 31 Herbal Ingredients for Couging, Asthma, Sore Throats, Allergies and More (pg. 68)

Here’s what others are saying…

“Wow, just what I was looking for and very good quality reference book. Logan did an EXCELLENT job with this book!  I got the paper copy and am so glad I did.  It’s really nice and will be great to highlight and take notes in.  I’ve been looking around for strategies for breathing for strength endurance activities like some of the Cross Fit workouts I do.  This book is EXTENSIVE in that it has seven sections on types of breathing applications.  It has given me several breathing strategies for strength endurance and will be a reference for me for other types too.  It is a highly practical reference.” -Michael Corrales 

“I purchased Upgrade Your Breath just before taking a vacation.  Read it through and found a couple of interesting exercises that I tried on the spot.  First thing I thought was, ‘Cool, I can teach these to my senior fitness class.  They will love them!’  One in particular in which you focus on breathing into different parts of your torso — lower, middle, and upper — really caught my attention.  What an awesome way to create greater awareness of your body! I also found a great one for increasing lung capacity which translated really well to improving my tone while playing my saxophone. I shared that one with another musician friend of mine and he loved it.  I realize Logan was probably not thinking of musicians when he put this book together but I guess that shows this book can be of great value to pretty much anyone.  Just that one exercise was worth the price of the book. I couldn’t recommend this book more highly!”  -Bill Kociaba

Upgrade Your Breath is a fitness masterpiece product.  The information in this ebook is so complete and difficult to find anywhere else, even though I have learned about breathing techniques several years ago.  Good job!” -Mohamad

“Just finishing the read on upgrade your breath… It’s awesome and am teaching it to my customers/patients that I talk to in my pharmacy as a means to relax, unwind and lesson their anxiety. It’s totally helped me and my close friends.” -Scott Porter

“I’m a practicing Physical Culturist and this is one of the best books of its kind. A must have.” – Hoby Hittson

Probably the most comprehensive book about breathing and different breathing techniques out there. Logan is a lifelong student of health and whatever topic he sinks his teeth into he goes in depth on. This book is no different, He lays out all of the most popular breathing techniques out there. He explains the mechanisms behind each of them and what they can do for you/areas they will help the most with. I’m very interested in breath work and have read most of the major books on it, but this is by far the most comprehensive and simplest. There’s no excess information of lots of repetition of the same concepts or ideas. Logan finds the unique and helpful in each practice, teaches you how to perform it and then moves on. And for anyone just starting out don’t be overwhelmed, Logan breaks down where to start, how to bring more awareness to your breath and the exercises you should start with. He even helps you build your own “breath work” daily workout. Truly a great resource for anyone interesting in improving there health in the most basic and primal way.” – Jake Tee

“Your book on breathing is one of the best health pieces I have read.” -Paul C. 

Bonus: Upgrade Your Breath Action Checklist

This entire book distilled down to an 11 action item checklist to help you DO what you’ll learn.

With this you’ll know exactly where to start and where to go.

This is over a decade’s worth of experience, study and practice condensed into a simple guide that you’ll come back to over and over again. (There’s so much packed in you’ll have to read it more than once!)

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About the Upgrade Your Health Series

The Upgrade Your Health Series is about diving deep onto one topic of health and nutrition and detailing the best ideas on how to UPGRADE that area for you. Its not really about whether you’re doing the right thing or the wrong thing. More often than not its not black and white.

Instead, starting from where you’re at, whether super healthy already or not, you can make a series of steps and practices that will move you in the right direction step by step. By doing so your health gets better and better all the time.

With each Upgrade Your Health guide we dive deep into research and all the components of the topic at hand. This is more detail concentrated in one place than you’ll find just about anywhere else. And then we wrap it up with an simple to use ACTION PLAN for you to follow. Whether you make one change or ten this will help you optimize this single area of health for the better.