Box Breathing vs Upgrade Your Breath

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Got a quick question and answer for you today.

Outside the Box Breathing vs. Upgrade Your Breath?

Should these be addressed in a certain order?

Which one to start with, please?

And which one is ‘better’ if you’re able to comment on that?


Outside the Box Breathing is a more step-by-step follow-along course.

I created this course a few years after the book and as such, it has some improvements and additions over the other one.

In my more recent years, I have focused more on simplifying all the complex and massive material available into more actionable and easy-to-digest info. Also making it modular so that it can be added to other training or routines that you currently have. Like spending just five minutes per day working on it.

Outside the Box Breathing is a perfect example of all this.

As such I would recommend the Box Breathing course to anyone as the starting place. The spot to begin.

(Or even better yet, start with this free Breath Challenge that will get you started today.) 

While the focus of this course is on box breathing, there are many ways to do this that few people know about. There’s also interesting additional exercises such as the abdominal vacuum added in.

This course is also in video, which is easier to teach exercises than in just a book.

Now that doesn’t mean Upgrade Your Breath isn’t great. It’s one of my most popular books for a reason. 

One customer called it an “Encyclopedia” of breathing exercises. Another called it a “reference book.”

That’s great in that it is comprehensive, in fact, probably the most comprehensive thing out there as far as showing you all different purposes, methods and exercises in breathing. I’m proud of it for being such.

The downside to this is it is not nearly as structured.

It can be like diving into the deep end of the pool. There are routines mentioned in it, but not nearly as plug-and-play as the other course.

If you’re brand new to deep breathing the other course is the best place to start.

If you’re already familiar and experienced with different means and methods of breathing then this might be the better next step.

I’ll also mention that it is best to know yourself. Some people love to read. Others buy books that never leave the shelf. If a book/ebook or video is better suited to you, that can sway this decision as well.

Here’s the tl;dr summation…

Start with Outside the Box Breathing

Graduate to Upgrade Your Breath

P.S. Would you like to see comparisons of any of my other courses

There’s so much available that it can be overwhelming so I’d be happy to write up something like this for anything else you’re interested in.

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