Where to start at 70 years old?

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James asks:

“I am 70 years old and have done very little exercise (mostly walking) since I retired a few years ago. I am thinking about getting one of two courses that you have to start. Would you recommend I get the flexibility course or the stand up course to begin with, and just so you know, both are problems I’m starting to have. Thank you for your time and recommendation.”

I actually wouldn’t recommend the Stand Up Course. That’s more intermediate to advanced. 

(Perhaps one of these days I’ll so back and make that designed more for people that are losing the ability. Right now it’s about making standing up lots tougher!)

7 Minute Flexibility should be a pretty good bet. That was designed to be scaled quite far back. There are even follow along videos that show that.

There’s also the 80/20 Strength Challenge

Specifically here’s a testimonial from a 72 year old woman that used that to good effect. “Delighted with results from the first round of the 80-20 program. Max out figures at my hardest levels were way ahead of starting figures – in fact, I couldn’t even do some of those exercises 5 weeks ago. The 4x15min weekly time commitment is a very good investment! After-exercise soreness was, pleasingly, not an issue, and my body feels better and is demonstrably stronger. The videos effectively complemented the text, and I particularly appreciated the full workout ones. I’ve never used a log, so was fascinated by how it enhanced the program. I found the program structure surprisingly powerful, and as a 72 year old, this should be a great way to roll back the osteo-porosis and allow my body to do what I’d like it to do.” – Laurie Drake

Since I’m first and foremost my own client much of my material is intermediate to advanced. But these two I designed to be scaled far, far back (as well as scalable to elite levels beyond my own too).

I’d say that it’s a toss up which one might suit you better without knowing even more, so go with the one that you feel resonates with you more.

It is possible to gain and regain movement no matter your age.

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