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The other week I posted a message with my case against personal trainers.

(If you missed that you can read it here.) 

That contrarian perspective yielded a lot of response, but people agreeing and disagreeing.

Today I specifically want to share a message from Tyler

I’m a personal trainer and I resonate hard with this message. I truly believe each person heals themselves. If you get cut there’s no question that the cut will heal… and this means the body is always In a state of healing. I know a lot of things to help people take responsibility for their own healing but I struggle with how to market my skills to the individual. Maybe you can talk about how to help people and make a living when you are on board with “you heal you.”

I really feel all the health institutions are corrupt and must crumble. Where do you see the future of health care professionals who are truly on board with the truth? Is it in product creation and sales, or something else? Would love to hear more of your perspective.

It’s a great topic that we can go several different directions in.

First a comment about “If you get cut there’s no question that the cut will heal.”

Yes…and no. Cut’s do heal. But why is it that some injuries get healed up just like normal and others can become chronic lasting for decades?

That is a BIG question and one I’ve explored deeply.

What I have found is it is because healing is not just physical. Far from it. Things like thoughts, feelings, beliefs, even identity can get in the way of healing.

That’s why I feel it is essential to focus on many different perspectives of health and healing. I describe that in detail here

Which leads into the next point. It is because this holistic perspective is so closely married to the idea of you heals you.

Now, I don’t think the need for trainers, nor all manner of health professionals is going away anytime soon, despite the corruption of health institutions.

In some sense I see the splitting of humanity, as we’re under completely different narratives and worldviews.

With that there’s going to be more of people that “get it” and people that “don’t”, while the divide between them grows larger.

If that’s the case, then so much better to market to those that get it as it’s almost a fool’s errand to try to convince someone that doesn’t want to be convinced.

Yes, people can change their minds. Yes, people can eventually come to get it.

But you can’t force the situation. How does the saying go?

“A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”

Better to live by example. Live and be the health outcomes of “getting it” and those that don’t may at some point hit circumstances where they finally are ready to learn.

In addition, I think there will be greater markets for those that do “magic.” By that I mean skillsets that are high level and often outside of the materialistic paradigm. This can evolve from synergy between different fields.

For instance, personally, I took personal training and adding NLP, hypnosis, etc. to create some “magic” that still is beyond most people in the field. (Mental Muscle or my Fitness Maximizer Hypnotic Tracks are a good place to start with that.) 

Along these lines, I still think there will be all manner of ways to sell it. In-person, in groups, workshops, online programs, books. I don’t think any of that stuff is changing anytime soon.

The crumbling of institutions is going to be harsh. This will result in cascading effects that few people are legitimately prepared for. Hopefully the impacts of such can be mitigated to some degree by those that are already working from this “new paradigm.”

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