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Play ButtonDear Friend,

Yes, all you have to do is simply “Press Play” and follow along on these audios. It is that easy…

I’m not saying you won’t have to put in the physical work, you do, but when you tap into the power of your mind you’ll gain these two benefits:

#1 You’ll gain Bigger and Faster Improvements
#2 It will all come EASIER to You

My name is Logan Christopher. I am not naturally strong. I am not a natural athlete. So when I sought out to do the crazy strength feats I wanted to do, I turned to the power of the mind to help get me there.

It became my secret weapon.

Years of Research and Experimentation Go Into Every Hypnotic Track

I’ve poured over countless books, attended workshops and certifications beyond count, hired high-priced coaches all on one mission…

While so many people talk about the importance of mental training few, if any, give you tangible ways to actually DO ANYTHING with it. That is what I sought, found and developed even further.

Hypnosis is one of those ways…one of the most powerful.

I’ve been studying the art and science of hypnosis for years and that all gets distilled down to each one of these hypnotic tracks. I use the technology of Neuro-Linguistic Programming to deliver a deeply relaxing induction, combined with supercharged visualizations, methods from sports psychology, belief change processes, Ericksonian language patterns, anchoring and much more to bring about changes in your body and mind.

NLP Trainer Certificate

My NLP Trainer Certificate

Yes, hypnosis can actually bring about physiological changes in the body. When you begin to understand this you can go very far…

No one else has this level of mental training techniques and tactics applied to helping you hit your fitness goals. (I wish they did, because then I wouldn’t have had to create it myself!)

When you add to the fact that these methods are stacked on top of each other you at least quadruple the power.

No Deep Knowledge or Study Required…I’ve DONE IT ALL FOR YOU!

I love teaching people HOW to do mental training. I’ve written books, filmed video courses and taught at conferences and workshops.

Yet the learning curve is steep…

While I encourage you to learn more if you’d like to go deeper, and I will help you to do that, I want you to get ALL the benefits without the needing to do Master’s Thesis level work first.

That’s why I’ve put together these brand new hypnotic tracks.

This is the Best Jump Start Option, as close as I can get to doing it all for you.

Where you get the benefits mental training can bring, without having to go through a decade of study like I did.

15_minute_stopwatchLess than 13 Minutes Each

In the fast-paced world today who has an hour or even a half an hour to sit down and be hypnotized? I’m busy and I’m sure you are too.

For that reason I’ve made sure that these tracks are as short as possible while still being maximally effective. They’re each under 15 minutes, with one exception noted below. In fact, most are closer to the 11 minute mark.

This way you can actually listen to them and get results. A longer hypnosis would do you no good if it wasn’t used. 

All of the following brand new tracks on the following specific topics are now available:

  1. Strength
  2. Muscle Gain
  3. Endurance
  4. Weight Loss
  5. Flexibility
  6. Skill & Technique
  7. Mental Toughness
  8. Health & Anti-Aging
  9. Pain-Free Movement
  10. Mind-Muscle Connection
  11. Winning Competition
  12. Testosterone (for Men)
  13. Sexual Performance (for Men)
  14. Sleep
  15. Confidence
  16. Motivation

Below you have the opportunity to pick up any one, get several, or save by grabbing the entire package deal offer. See the bottom of this page for that special deal.

BONUS with Any Purchase: Hypnosis Quick Start Video

This video delivers just the few facts you need to know before you begin, and how to optimally use your hypnotic tracks for maximal effect. This covers the Do’s and Don’ts of hypnosis, dispels myths, and more.

Each individual track also comes with an extra quick start video that showcases how to best use that specific track.

Hypnosis Quick start Video

Strength Gains Maximizer Hypnosis

This is the hypnosis you want in order to become stronger. Whether it’s with barbells, bodyweight, kettlebells, rocks, sandbags or anything else, if strength is the aim (i.e. more weight, more reps, harder variations) this is for you.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more can make your nervous system activate your muscles far better for more direct strength gains.

Don’t be too surprised as you surpass new PR’s after using this! Just over 11 minutes ’til you’re stronger…

Strength Gains Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


Hypnosis Instagram Testimonial

“I’ve been trying to improve my pullups for more than a year now (My ultimate goal is to get to 10 with strict form and I’m currently at 6 or 7) anyway my motivation behind this was to be able to complete the monkey bar obstacles at mud races especially Monkey Bars 2.0 at Tough Mudder which I perceive to be a particularly difficult challenge due to the rise and fall incorporated in the obstacle.

Since last Monday when I received the strength hypnosis audio track I listened to it on 5 out of 6 days leading up to a Tough Mudder. When I got to the Monkey Bar 2.0 obstacle I used the countdown into a trance state along with the fingertip cue and summoned my strength. By the 4th bar of the obstacle I was overcome with the thought of this is easy and ‘holy sh*t I’m going to make it all the way across!’. The 4th bar is probably less than a quarter of the distance across the obstacle and as far as I had made it on previous attempts. I made it all the way across!! It was touch and go right at the end but none the less I made it.

I believe that the hypnosis allowed me to dig into strength reserves that would have otherwise been unavailable to me – my arms, especially my forearms are really sore where I’ve gone beyond my normal limits. I’m looking forward to completing my recovery and getting on with exploring the other gains I can make with your hypnosis tracks and mental training! 10 strict pullups will be next!”

-Matt Breed

“Your Strength Maximizing MP3 is very good. I have a fair amount of experience with hypnosis, and can speak from both sides. Your ambiguous instructions were just the right degree of specific to help both the person who had a specific workout in mind and someone who is working on something else. I am working right now on a self confidence issue, and had no trouble translating self-confidence as a kind of strength.  Your hypnosis would make Uncle Milton proud.
– Jim Hefling

“I feel like the soundtracks have really helped me. I’ve only been using the soundtrack for 7 days straight, and I’ve noticed big improvements in my recovery and strength, particularly in my handstand push ups where I could finally go over 10 reps. My arms kinda got numb practicing a tuck back lever the other day, feels like my mind got stronger to the point my muscles and other connective tissues have a bit of catching up to do. I really like it and will continue using it.”

-James Marcus

“Today I watched the video for the Strength Gain audio and then listened to the audio itself. Again I could push myself to do ten Double Cleans with 24 kg kettle bells as a test and then quite a lot of sets with 7 reps each for the Double Swing and Double Clean. I felt strong and started all sets confident. I am sure I can further improve in the hypnosis and in my performances with more practice.”

-Max Schmid

“I purchased your strength hypnosis track a few days ago.  I’ve probably listened to it about three times, including today before my bending workout.  Well, I hit a new PR today which was bending a grade 8 hex bolt.” 

-Todd Jones

Muscle Growth Maximizer Hypnosis

I’m a classic hardgainer. And it wasn’t until I started using the power of hypnosis that I was able to gain weight. And gain weight I did. How does 25 lbs. in less than a month sound?

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands, anchored statements and the proper attitude more will allow you to train harder, eat more, and physically reshape your body.

The benefits of this hypnosis are two-fold. First, this hypnotic track will make your training and eating easier to do. Secondly, it rewires your physiology to recover from your workouts and assimilate the nutrition so that you pack on muscle. Less than 12 minutes to packing on muscle…

Muscle Growth Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


“The Muscle Growth hypnosis definitely works. I ate two to four times a day what I normally eat during the program. I found phrases of it coming into my mind often, especially when eating or exercising.”
– Tom Collier

I really enjoyed your hypnosis mp3 and I will purchase more. I like how it’s short and to the point — but very effective. As a lifelong bodybuilder — someone who has always wanted to be bigger since I was a kid — having to think about “my big reason why” was really powerful. I instantly said — “to be a protector and a defender”. I am a single father to an amazing special needs teenager. And I always want him to feel protected and safe around me. More importantly, I have always wanted to be big enough so that I could help people in trouble or help defend those who need it. You have a gift — thank you for sharing it.
– Bill Koch

“The hypnosis track definitely gave me more motivation to complete my calorie count for the day. Overall, the hypnosis tracks definitely helped me, and I will use them when I begin another program.”
– Roberto Barbieri

“The hypnosis track was essential to my gains. Eating that much and training that hard is not easy to maintain for 4 weeks, but every time I was struggling for motivation, key words popped straight into my mind “muscle growth”, “ravenously hungry”. I listened to the hypnosis in a morning, it made me feel bigger. I trained, which made me feel bigger. I ate, making me feel bigger. Before bed i listened to the hypnosis, which made me feel bigger. It was quite a powerful experience, because I constantly felt bigger, my mind was always telling me I was bigger and it kept showing on the scales. I enjoyed doing this and I’m really impressed with the power of hypnosis.”
– Chris Wooler

Endurance Maximizer Hypnosis

Need endurance? Works great for long endurance events like running a marathon or doing a triathalon. Works great for shorter endurance workouts too. like kettlebell competitions, pulling a truck for a mile, or any number of intense metabolic conditioning workouts.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more can allow you to stay  relaxed, with your cardiovascular system and breathing more efficient, allowing for heightened endurance and overall performance.

Endurance Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99

How the Endurance Maximizer helped Travis Stoetzel crush a Crossfit Competition

“Started Endurance Maximizer today pre-training and hit a density PR in KB Swings. Thanks again!”
-Felix Niland

“In cycling, I was able to get up Marguerite which is a street that has at parts an 8% incline. I have made it up the hill once before – but that time had lots of tears & frustration. After the hypnosis – no tears. One problem I had b4 listening is when my heart rate starts get elevated I begin to go into a panic. The hypnosis I think has been helpful because it counters my anxiety with a message that it is helpful to relax my lungs while exercising. When I first started cycling I went into the panic mode when my HR reached around 117. On the post-hypnotic ride over a 2 hr time period my average was 129 BPM & while going up Marguerite at times it reached 146. I had reached 141 before, not 146.”
-Gail Ehrlich

“”I used your endurance maximizer last spring while training for a 5.5 mile open water swim. Now, I definitely trained hard in the water (and out with swings/getups), but I truly feel that the the hypnosis track helped. I never once had that thought of ‘I am beat, when will this be over’. In fact, as I looked up and saw the finish line on shore I thought ‘thats it?’ and started swimming extra hard because I had plenty in the tank. My total time in the water was 3hrs and 9mins. Thanks again, keep on putting out the amazing and helpful content!”
-Paul Constantine

Weight Loss Maximizer Hypnosis

Often times that stubborn fat isn’t just from overeating and lack of activity but certain psychological blocks that have manifested.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and belief shifts make a difference. You might even be surprised and how much easier reshaping your body becomes.

Just like with the Muscle Growth track, the benefits are two fold. This hypnosis makes following through on eating right and working out easier to do. Secondly, it works on an unconscious level to alter your body’s metabolism and hormonal systems.

Weight Loss Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


Flexibility Maximizer Hypnosis

Whether you’re working on the splits, or simpler stretches to regain natural human flexibility, this hypnotic track can help you to unlock more.

Flexibility is about your nervous system tensing up the body because it doesn’t think it is safe to go further. Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more can allow your body to let go deeper into stretches.

You can listen to this track by itself outside of stretching, or you can even do it while in a stretch!

Flexibility Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


Skill & Technique Maximizer Hypnosis

So much of strength is because of the skill component involved. And if you’re working on something that has even more skill, from Olympic lifting, to hand balancing, other complex bodyweight skills, or just your first time doing any new exercise, this hypnosis is for you.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more will allow you to make instant improvements in your technique, and may even actually physically rewire the myelin pathways in your nervous system for long-lasting skill gains.

Skills & Technique Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


“I did it! My first ring muscle up after 2&1/2 years. I found and bought your audio files with the self hypnosis, focusing on the skills ones. I think that after 2 years of misses, I needed to change gears in my head, from the self doubt which would be in the back of my mind when I try to MU. So using your skills portion with ring MU was able to finally let me achieve it! Thank you for the tools you have given me to win at this.”
– Greg Watkins

“When I worked again on the snatch technique this week, I have used for the first time also the hypnosis audio track for technique and it also significantly helped me in the training then.”
-Max Schmid

Mental Toughness Maximizer Hypnosis

Want to be physically tough? It comes down to being mentally tough. Tap into those deep reserves within yourself to know that you can go beyond whatever is thrown at you.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and past experiences allow you to heighten your mental toughness and access it anytime you choose.

Mental Toughness Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


“I used the mental toughness hypnosis once and i started to say in my mine I WILL IRON WILL!!! AMAZING! so i was like okay i have to get these others.”
– John

Pain-Free Movement Maximizer Hypnosis

Pain! While it is an important signal to let us know something is wrong, when it sticks around chronically it can interfere with so much of life. But what would it be like to completely enjoy pain free movement?

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more can begin to open your body into releasing the pain and doing what it does well. Healing!

This hypnosis aims at decreasing pain levels right now, increasing your ability to move, and supporting the body’s natural healing processes.

Pain-Free Movement Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


“Was debating on weather or not to write you as this was just too strange and probably wouldn’t happen for most people but…….I have been dealing with a achillies tendon problem on my right ankle for close to a year. PT helped a little but then I just reinjured it. purchased the entire bundle of the new tracks and listened to the pain one a week or so ago. Thinking if I do this for a month it might help and I woke up the next morning totally pain free! It is usually the worst first thing in the morning then eases up as I move around but I got up and nothing and it stayed pain free for a couple of days! I did listen to the track again that evening but didn’t follow up after that. It lasted for four or five days before I did something to bother it again. That five day run was the longest I have been pain free in close to a year. I know about the power of the mind and have gotten great results from your old strength track(as I have previously told you)but this blew my mind.”
– Bill Kociaba, www.kociaba-fitness.com

Mind-Muscle Connection Maximizer Hypnosis

The mind-muscle connection is about being able to send a command from your brain, through your nervous system, to the muscles, getting them to contract harder. As such, the mental interface can be greatly expanded through hypnosis.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more allow you to go deeper into that internal power and being freely able to direct it more easily.

Mind Muscle Connection Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


“Hit a PR today with headstand pushups! Have been using “Mind and Muscle Connection Maximizer” hypnosis track for the last few days. Used it today before some Wim Hof endurance breathing and hit 37 reps on first round (holding inhalation), 23 reps (holding exhalation) and 15 reps on third round (holding exhalation). Previous best was 32 reps at that range of motion. Should clarify these aren’t quite full ROM reps as I have a folded towel (1-2 inches on the ground ) more of a safety blanket than anything due to inverted breath holds and my hands are just outside shoulder width. The reps felt quicker and easier… really feels like I’m tapping directly into my nervous system. Was a bit skeptical at first about how well the track would work, due to such a short induction, as compared to the longer induction with Logan’s health and anti-aging track which really takes me deep. At least I can find the time to consistently use the Mind and Muscle connection maximizer pre-workout. Definitely worth a try!”
– Chris Thompson

The Health & Anti-Aging Revitalizer Hypnosis

This hypnosis track is a little bit different than the rest. With a deeply relaxing induction and a guided visualization you’ll find a place of physical, mental and emotional rejuvenation. Here your DNA, stem cells, immune system, hormones and so much more will get a reboot.

Enhances recovery, healthy immune system functioning, sleep, and proper energy levels. You’ll feel like a billion dollars when you finish this.

The Health & Anti-Aging Revitalizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


Winning Competition Hypnosis

Got a competition on the horizon? Use this hypnosis to set things in motion so that you come out on top. The proven hypnotic visualization I did daily leading up to a strongman competition win, newly upgraded to be even better.

Discover how imaginal visualizations, hypnotic commands and more set you up for the proper follow through in your training leading up the event, and managing your state their so that you perform at your peak. After you win you’ll have a strange sense of déjà vu because it has happened before mentally many times…

Winning Competition Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99yes-order-now

I’ve had many people ask me if this works for things like tests and exams. While ideally a few things would be tweaked I did hear this:

“My wife had to retake the same exam several times, and always dreaded it. The nerves would begin days before the exam and seriously interfered with her performance. I bought the Winning Competition hypnosis MP3 for her, and she listened to it once a day or so in the week leading up to the exam. She revised calmly, relaxed the day before the exam, and took it almost without nerves. We’re yet to hear the result, but whatever it is, the mark will be the reflection of her knowledge and preparation without interference from fear.”
– Paul P.

Testosterone Hypnosis

Multiple studies have proven using things like visualization can affect white blood cell counts. So why not do the same for testosterone and other hormones?

This hypnosis will guide you into feeling more like a man, with the testosterone surging through you body, giving you a direct line of access into (sub)consciously directing them. Plus, it’ll aid you in following through on all the lifestyle steps needed to naturally keep your testosterone optimized.

Testosterone Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


Sleep Hypnosis

For those who have had difficulties falling asleep and staying so, hypnosis has long been used in these efforts. Listening to this track as you drift off to sleep can help you enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep.

In addition to helping you in the moment, hypnotic language guides you to follow the right lifestyle factors to setup a routine in falling asleep more easily.

Sleep Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99


“I found Logan Christopher’s Sleep hypnosis to be a real help in not waking up at 3am full of adrenaline for no reason.”
– Paul P.

“With regards to your Sleep MP3, I work in Saudi Arabia so my air con unit is on through the night quite a lot of the time and my work alarm is 4.30am so good sleep can be hard at times. I’ve tried various mindfullness sleep applications but i’ve not had the best results. Being completely honest I’ve had fantastic success with your sleep mp3 though. What I tend to do is have it ready to go by the side of my bed so if I have an active mind at nightime I just pop on my headphones. I first tried it a few hours before bed but I was ready to sleep in daylight, so when I’m in bed works best for me. I’ve used it most nights and those nights i’ve honesty slept so much better and definitely deeper. I find even if I wake up in the night I still go straight back to sleep which I never do normally. If I’m thinking about work or family at home etc. as soon as i pop it on my mind starts to clear and sleep thoughts take over. I’m also starting to say your words to myself without the MP3 on and that’s having a good effect as well ( a goal for me after reading your book is to do it myself ). So in conclusion a big thanks from a man sleeping much better!”
– Leighton W.

Sexual Performance Hypnosis

By popular demand, this hypnosis focuses not on gym performance but on the bedroom. Because you want both, right? Last longer, get harder, enjoy it more.

Also, penetrates into the idea of sexual transmutation, as discussed by Napoleon Hill, so that this sexual energy can be applied into other areas of your life.

Sexual Performance Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99yes-order-now

Confidence Hypnosis

Another track created by popular demand. Whether you’re looking for confidence inside the gym, with the opposite sex, for business or any purpose, this hypnosis can help you with it.

Take the seeds of confidence you already have and expand them so that they’re stronger and in new areas. Alter your beliefs and build a strong anchor. Ultimately, this track programs your confidence in confidence, thus building it for any purpose you desire.

Confidence Maximizer Hypnosis

Confidence Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99yes-order-now

Motivation Maximizer Hypnosis

Need to build your motivation? Discover how to rewire how you think about getting motivated in the first place. Can be used for fitness, health or really anything you’d desire to become motivated for.

This is not some rah-rah pump you up audio track. You can find tons of inspiring movie clips on Youtube if you’re looking for that. Instead, find out how you can motivate yourself inside-out.

Motivation Maximizer Hypnosis MP3
Only $24.99yes-order-now

Here’s the Amazing Results People are Getting with my Hypnosis…

“I was using the Hypnotic Strength Recording for about two months, and I was using it for freestanding handstand push-ups. Just for fun in my visualizations I would get into them by pressing up from crow. I figured that would be something that would take at least 6 months to a year to accomplish. Without even having practiced pressing up from crow or been working on that movement at all, the week before last I pressed up from crow into handstand for the first time – which came as quite a surprise! I really believe that it was having been visualizing the for the previous 6-8 weeks that really made all the difference.”
– Jade Bunk

“I have been using the strength tracks for a couple of months with fantastic results. As you may remember I had contacted you about creating a custom track for me focused purely on increasing my military press strength. The “generic” strength track has served me so well I put that idea on hold. I have found that I am much better at locking my focus into my workouts and my mind wanders much less even with the occasional distractions in the gym. I have not missed a rep on any training set in the past six weeks and my weights have gradually but consistently moved up with no bad workouts. In addition I planned to try a new max on my deadlift a few weeks ago. I started visualizing the lift the night before and fell asleep thinking about it. The following morning I listened to the track but was so psyched I couldn’t sit still and found myself pacing back and forth while listening to the track. I pulled the planned max easily and then hit a second PR by adding another 10lbs to the bar. Again that was an amazingly easy lift and I was sure I could go further but stopped there. Very happy with the results and can’t wait to see what the new tracks will be like.”
– Bill Kociaba

“I don’t know exactly how it works but it just does! I can bounce right back from tough workouts and am progressing quicker with my training because of it. I’m training 6 days a week, twice most days now.”
– Kevin Green

“Applying this information and listening to the audio I have greatly improved the recovery of the pain in my hips and knees after exercising to rebuild these joints after being very badly injured and I hope to progress to the jumping pistol squat. Also, I have felt confident enough to enter a 100 km in 24 hrs walk in aid of blind service personnel, and my weight due to inactivity and just plain giving-up had gone to 112 kg at 165 cm.”
– Paul R Day.

“I truly feel it is helping me recover faster and better tap into the mind body connection. As you know, this is huge for us athletes. The results I’ve seen from applying this information and listening to the audio are complete relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall feeling good about what I am doing.”
– Tanner Gers

“I feel like the soundtracks have really helped me. I’ve only been using the 21 minutes soundtrack for 7 days straight, and I’ve noticed big improvements in my recovery and strength, particularly in my handstand push ups where I could finally go over 10 reps. My arms kinda got numb practicing a tuck back lever the other day, feels like my mind got stronger to the point my muscles and other connective tissues have a bit of catching up to do. I really like it and will continue using it.”
– James Marcus

A Few Results from Logan’s Presentation at Dragondoor’s Health and Strength Conference where he Hypnotized People to Press Stronger with Kettlebells

Dragondoor Conference Hypnosis Group

“Hi Logan! Your presentation was amazing!! Thank you for letting me participate. I have no prior experience with hypnosis. It was an incredible experience. I felt very relaxed. I was definitely fully conscious, but almost in a euphoric state. I remember thinking that I could open my eyes if I wanted to (almost to remind myself I was conscious) but I didn’t want to because I felt to comfortable. It was as though I was able to fully relax while being totally aware. Something I don’t think we are use to in a society full of distractions. The result of the hypnosis was that I was able to match reps on the left side (my weak side) with a 20kg bell with my right side. 10 reps to be exact. I had no idea I could do over 5 or 6, but even at 10 it felt easy, it was definitely a rep PR. Overall it was a pretty amazing experience and it made me very curious what else I might be capable of that I don’t know about. I will definitely be investing in your book for more insight.”
– Sabra Epp

“My experience during the hypnosis at the conference was that is was very relaxing. I think I told you that I felt I was almost dozing off (or maybe was truly) because I became so relaxed, and because I was so tired from travel. I did find it hard to visualize the things you were asking of us, but that’s pretty typical for me. I did 8 reps with the 16kg on my stronger arm without hypnosis. And then 10 reps after on my weaker arm after it. I don’t think I’ve ever done that many with the 16kg, but if I have it had been quite a long time. After the conference was over that day, I did 4 reps with the 20kg, which again is not a PR but something I haven’t done in years. The only other thing I’d like to add is that I plan to start incorporating some of this from your book because I really believe in the power it holds.”
– Shari Wagner

“I hit 36kg for 9 on my right after Logan’s hypnosis presentation. That’s a PR by one rep. The cool thing is that it was done cold with no warm-up and I haven’t been pressing much in the last few months.”
– Coach Fury

“With no experience with hypnosis, I found it very relaxing and hit a PR with presses on my right side. Went from a previous PR of 36KG X 5 to 36KG X 8, easy without a warm-ups. Pretty sweet – thanks!”
– Ben Swarts

“It was very calming, but after coming out of it I was hit with a burst of energy. I got a PR 36kg weak arm 7x. My previous best was 36kg 2x.”
– Aaron Hoisington

I purchased the download of your segment from the DragonDoor conference. I had to try it for myself after seeing the results you got from the group on stage. The next day, I took a minute or two and followed your hypnosis from memory… at least as best as I could. I replaced the kettlebell press with weighted pull-ups (20# in a backpack). The goal was 10 reps, and I hit 9. My previous best was 7 … a terrible, shaky, 7. It was awesome. But I had to see if it was a fluke. My next session was double military presses (2x24kg ‘bells). Again, I followed your hypnosis from memory. This time, it was better because I had taken some notes and filled in the gaps that I was missing from my first attempt. I pressed the ‘bells 7 times. (That’s up from a struggling 5). Again… it was awesome. Next time, I’ll set a specific goal for repetitions. The thing that makes this interesting (to me): this is the first time, ever, that I’ve gotten results like this. I’ve tried different programs (that took weeks), different hacks, and none of them produced these kinds of instant results.
– Brian Friedman

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these CD’s that will be sent to me, or downloadable MP3’s?

A: Currently, these are only available as downloadable MP3 files. The images use here are for graphical representation purposes.

Q: How long does it take?

A: These hypnotic tracks combine a wide variety of mental training tools and tactics into a short period of time to deliver the results you want as fast as possible. These days, who has an hour, or even half an hour, to sit there? I know I don’t. Thus the vast majority of these are only about ten minutes long. While you can listen in every day, just a couple times a week, even once a week, will still deliver results. More details on best practices is covered in the Quick Start with each hypnotic track.

Q: What if I can’t be hypnotized?

A: Everybody can be hypnotized! If you’ve ever fallen asleep or got absorbed into a good book or movie, you’ve been hypnotized. While some people may make better hypnotic subjects than others, everyone is capable. There are a lot of myths about what hypnosis is and what it isn’t so those are cleared up in the Quick Start video.

Q: What if I can’t visualize?

A: Everybody can visualize too, though some are better at it then others, and some may not be consciously aware of it. Think about your mother’s face…or your childhood home. Can you see anything? If not, how do you recognize her, or know that house existed? The good news is that visualization is a trainable SKILL and thus can be improved. Hypnosis will help you do that.

Q: What if I don’t get results?

A: Everyone is different. I can’t guarantee you will have the results you want, I don’t even know what you are expecting. But if you are open to it, and actually do the work, chances are you will get some results. Wouldn’t just a little more strength, a little more fat loss, or whatever make this worth it to you?

Q: Is there a guarantee?

A: These hypnotic tracks are backed by my 100% money back guarantee. In fact, you have a full three months to evaluate them. If you don’t like them all you have to do is email in and let me know and your refund will be processed quickly. Since these are downloads only all the risk is on me.

100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t feel like this is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take three months to decide if it’s worth it to you.

Q: How is the audio quality?

A: These tracks were recorded with a professional Audio Technica microphone, with editing done on the audio file to ensure the highest quality possible without needlessly spending thousands of dollars. If for some reason, the quality doesn’t meet your standards you’re welcome to use the money back guarantee.

Q: These look great but I’m looking for something more specific. Do you do custom hypnotic tracks?

A: I do, but they are not cheap. If you’re interested please contact me at [email protected] with the subject line: Custom Hypnosis.

Q: I have another question not address here. Can you help?

A: Go ahead and email me at [email protected]

Q: Are you going to make me cluck like a chicken?

A: Nope…you have to pay extra for that 😉

Q: Come on, do these really work?

You can read the testimonials on the page to see how it has worked for others so yes, it works. However, the thing is everyone is individual, and as this hypnosis’ are made for general goals, and not individually for you, I can’t guarantee success. But what I can guarantee is your money back if you use it and get no benefit.

Q: Can I use multiple tracks at the same time?

Yes! One of the best ways to hit your goal is to go about it by multiple angles. For an endurance feat you might want to do the endurance hypnosis of course, and also the mental toughness one too.

By alternate which hypnosis you listen to each time you possibly can get even better results. Of course, it is also fine to be focused on just using one track.

Q: The mind-muscle connection hypnosis, how does it differ from the strength one?

The strength one is focused on building strength, specifically around whatever goal you have in mind. The mind muscle connection one is similar, just focused more on enhancing your ability to send signals from your mind to your muscles.

Either one could be used for the same aim, just personal preference and what may work better for different people. Like both squats and deadlifts are good, these are just different mental exercises.

The same idea can apply basically to any of the different tracks.

Q: Should I buy this hypnosis or your book Mental Muscle?

The book describes how to do hypnosis, including a sample script, as well as lots else on mental training. Click here for more on Mental Muscle.

This new audio is as done-for-you as I can make it. If you don’t want to figure out how to do it yourself, these new hypnotic tracks will lead you through it. So, the question is do you want to learn more about it, or do you just want the benefits?

Q: I’m not sure which track to get. My goal seems to fit into several areas?

A: That is likely the case. For instance endurance and mental toughness obviously go hand in hand. Strength and skill do too. It’s your choice to get one track and work with that alone. Or get several and alternate them, or try one after the other. 

Head back up to select one or more hypnotic tracks that are right for you. If you figure you’ll have different important goals later in your life, just grab the whole package  below to save even more.

Package Deals: Buy More Than One Track

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Please write in the Comments/Special Delivery Instructions box which four tracks you would like, and you’ll be emailed the download pages shortly after ordering.


100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t feel like this is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. If you order the books we’ll ask that you send them back. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take three months to decide if it’s worth it to you.

“I have noticed that my overall attitude towards my kb lifts has been much improved. The kettlebells feel lighter even if I’m not necessarily doing greater numbers (reps, time, etc) with them. Everything is just much, much smoother regarding technique. I just feel much more optimistic overall regarding my more challenging lifts. For example, I am still swinging the Beast for sets of 3, but now I feel like I have total control and that I will be swinging it for sets of 5 and 10 in short order as opposed to the previous 3 shaky reps just prior to using your hypnotic tracks. Basically, a much greater enthusiasm to hitting the weights which is a huge factor in consistency as you know. My mind seems to be working for me as opposed to against me if that makes sense. I’m definitely intrigued to keep going with it. Oh, and I’ve been reading your book, Mental Muscle, along with it. Great information. So far I’ve purchased your Strength Gains, Body Transformation, Mental Toughness, Skills/Techniques, and Fixing Pain Maximizers. I’ve been listening mostly to the Strength, Mental Toughness, and Skill one about 3-4 times per week. Usually when I can find the 10 mins or so when my kids won’t interrupt me. I’m looking forward to acquiring the others very shortly. My inner critic has always been my worst enemy so I’m trying to stomp a mudhole in it’s arse. I feel like it’s slowly, but surely, working. Thanks for producing these.”
-Dan Kemp

“I purchased the package deal of your hypnotic tracks, but so far have focused on the strength gains track. I will soon add an additional 2-4 tracks to my regular listening sessions. So, I love this information because it’s so easy to use and can be done in about 10 minutes per session. The results I have seen are an increase in the number of reps done, and the quality of reps have also gone up. Specifically, my pull ups and handstands pushups have increased by about 2 reps per set (after being stuck on a plateau for some time), and the quality of my reps has also gone up (less kipping, more depth on the handstand pushups, etc…). I am also more relaxed when going to exercise. Recently, I was experiencing “burn out” with my exercise program, but after listening to the track I now look forward to my workouts. I have also noticed that I can fall asleep faster. I will usually listen to the track before bed, and will shut it off before you bring me back from the altered state. I find I can more easily fall asleep. I, on occasion, have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep and I find that I can routinely eliminate the 1st part of that problem if I use it before bed.”
-Felix Perez

Just a little note to say Thank YOU… Out of all the hypnosis teachers and trainings out there – I found yours to be the most effective!!

After listening to your tracks consistently – every evening – I was finally able to take action without all the usual resistance and got great visible results that other people noticed right away. I ordered Mind-Muscle Connection Maximizer, Confidence Maximizer and Motivation Maximizer. Having experienced so much value from you & your hypnosis programs – now I want to get certified because I would love to be able to help my clients like you helped me. Please let me know if you ever decide to offer a hypnosis certification program because you are the one I would want to learn from since your approach flat out WORKS!

Much admiration and appreciation,