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What to do about Failure?

Michael asks an important questions: Have been engrossed in Mental Muscle for several days (not finished) and am trying to set anchors. there is so much to remember!! Been listening to your tape on strength so my visualizations are of the three primary lifts in powerlifting. I have used visualization for used visualization for years, […]

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I blame Descartes

Based on the correspondence I get many people fall into three camps regarding hypnosis. 1) They think it’s BS 2) They think it’s a magical solution 3) They think it’s a useful tool Let’s discuss these in order. For those thinking all hypnosis is bunk, it’s often because they’ve seen a stage hypnosis show and […]

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Saxon on Mental Training

In this article, we break down how the Iron Master, Arthur Saxon mentally approaches a heavy lift, specifically in this case the bent press. From what he has written about we not only know tips on physical technique, but his thoughts leading up to and during the lift. If you think this is any less […]

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Autosuggestion and Hypnosis according to Napoleon Hill

Lately, I’ve been reviewing the work of Napoleon Hill. If you’re not familiar with him, he is the author of Think and Grow Rich, probably the most popular book on building wealth ever. It was written back in the 30’s after Andrew Carnegie tasked him with discovering the philosophy of success. Of course, that was […]

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Hypnosis for Athletes

Hypnosis for athletes is a powerful tool that few people use. You might be surprised to know that many greats, like Mike Tyson, Tiger Woods and plenty of others have used hypnosis. In the strength training world it may be even more rare. Which is a shame because it could help many people to reach […]

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Ageist Attitude Poision

I’ve got a popular video on Youtube about How to Get Up Off the Ground without Your Hands. Just as the title says it talks about what it takes to get off the ground from sitting or lying down without using your hands. It gets some interesting comments. The following just came in and it […]

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Visualization 101

Welcome to Visualization 101. When I introduce people to how mental training can make them stronger, more fit, and achieve the body they want, I’ll often hear one of two things: “I can’t visualize.” …or… “I suck at visualizing.” If you think you’re in either of the above cases, then this series of posts will […]

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25 Pounds of Muscle in 30 Days

It may sound unbelievable, but let me tell you a story… Almost two years back I ran an experimental group with a few Inner Circle members. All of them self-proclaimed “Hard Gainers”. The aim was packing on size over a 30-day period. (Okay, it’s not 100% muscle, but a good portion of it is. When […]

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Mind Muscle Connection

Anyone that has been involved in strength or muscle building for even a short amount of time is likely to come across the term, mind muscle connection. But like many things having to do with the mind it is ill-defined. Being ill-defined it is then tough to really develop as there is no clear roadmap. […]

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First Ring Muscle Up at 60

I love to share successes of those who put into practice what I teach. This video from Greg is a perfect example. I did it! My first ring muscle up after 2&1/2 years. I first saw a picture many years ago of someone who had done a bar muscle up, the article stated that this […]

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