Increasing Your Mental Baseline

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Yesterday I discussed how you’re always mental training, whether you think you are or not.

This is because, if you’re thinking at all, that is mental training that guides your actions.

This doesn’t mean you’re doing EFFECTIVE mental training. Far from it. Most people are likely to be hurting their efforts with their unconscious visualization, self-talk, beliefs and more.

That being on auto-pilot can drain your results. Or, in fact, cause you to get no results in the first place.

How many people’s visualizations, self-talk, beliefs, etc. stop them from even training in the first place? Far, far, far too many.

But going on auto-pilot isn’t always a bad thing. Today I want to talk about how that autopilot mental training can be a good thing.

How much time do I spend mentally training in my workouts? And by that, I mean conscious mental training?

Not that much as of late.

I’ve obviously spent far more time than most over the years. And that’s a great thing because if we are always mental training, all the practice raises the baseline.

Those unconscious or barely conscious visualizations and self-talking that I do are going to be at a higher-performing level than most, at least most of the time.

Because my mental foundation is stronger. Because I’ve installed autopilot programs that help me to do what I do.

In other words, if we are all indeed always mental training, you can upgrade your default.

Do you want to be driving an ’81 Ford Pinto?

Or do you want to be driving a ’21 Tesla Model S.

Sure, at any moment I can consciously do some more specific mental training. To stretch the metaphor, I can enter into Ludicrous mode. I certainly do that from time to time.

But even without doing so, I’m driving a high-performance machine, that goes, well, plenty fast enough.

How much time do you need to spend mental training consciously?

Probably quite a bit more than you currently are!

The cool thing is this will not only payout in the short term but pay continued dividends over the years.

Again, the best and most cost-effective way to get started is Mental Muscle.

Then for the low effort, plug-and-play method, be sure to check out my Fitness Maximizer Hypnotic audios which essentially guide you by the hand through various mental training strategies.

To sum up, you’re always mental training. And by consciously doing so you can not only perform better in the moment but upgrade your auto-pilot programs for the future.

That’s a win-freaking-win in my book.

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