Climbing the Wrong Damn Mountain

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I wanted to share Ted’s comments in regards to the Darkside of mental toughness and stubbornness.

Because this lesson is oh-so-important. As you’ll see it can take decades of your life…

“This mentality kept me competing in Olympic style Tae Kwon Do way longer than I should of been (leading to 3 surgeries and bad head injuries), and kept me in my previous business (at great health, social, and relationship cost) faaaaar too long. Luckily learned the lesson this time around.

“Absolutely. Go ahead and use them at will, let me know if you need any more detail on it.

“I would say the more painful lesson was the business one. Ultimately I was successful in real estate but at great cost – my 20’s and 30’s are totally gone and spent on an industry I didn’t like but HAD to be successful in.

“It is a terrible feeling to give everything you have towards climbing a mountain, then getting to the top, looking around, and realizing you climbed the wrong damn mountain.

“At this point, I just laugh when I think about it and use what I learned in a positive way.

Please, please, please try to make sure you’re climbing the right mountain.

This is true in fitness. This is true elsewhere.

While you can look at the positives that come from it after the fact, much better to see more clearly from the beginning!

Climbing any of a dozen specific fitness mountains with intensity and toughness can lead to injuries. Be this tae kwon do, marathons, powerlifting or CrossFit.

All well and good if you truly enjoy those things. But so many people do them because they think they are THE route.

Instead, if healthy movement with longevity is the mountain you actually want to climb then you need to look elsewhere.

Intuitive Mobility and The Indestructible Body, as methods of moving well, would be worthwhile places, ones that can also help to fix up some painful lessons.

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