Attention: Anyone Injured or for Those that Want to Remain Injury Free...

Become Indestructible

Rehab and Injury-Proof Your Entire Body with this
Special Combination of Strength, Mobility and Flexibility

Dear Friend,

People are injured. Look at those people that don’t workout at all…and years down the road they have aches and pains and injuries that cripple their body.

On the flip side look at those that do workout, often times hard…and you’ll see the same thing

Even if you look at any strength training or fitness program out there, its incomplete. And with that incompleteness injuries are going to happen, sooner or later.

Lack of Use. Overuse. Abuse. Disuse.

Stretching isn’t the answer.

Mobility drills aren’t the answer.

Strength training isn’t the answer.

The answer is in all of the above intelligently combined. all of the above and more.

Its also about strengthening your weak points and those not often used ranges of motion.

The sad fact is that most people’s training is very limited in scope. The Indestructible Body program aims to change that and create better and healthier movement along the way.

The Indestructible Body Series is about building your body to the point of being injury proof. Not only will these exercises and drills help you to prevent future injuries, but the same methods are used to rehab old and often times chronic injuries.

Great for Rehabbing Old Injuries and Preventing New

What derails more people from working out than any other thing? Definitely at the top of the list is injuries. Everything is going along fine, until one day, something happens. For many people this shuts down what they’re doing. While there are ways to work around an injury, there is no doubt that any injury can set you back.

When you’re pursuing a goal, as long as you’re making progress, and can avoid any sort of injury, you should be able to continually get better. Smart training is required, and part of that smart training is in preparing your body properly for what you do.

If you have an injury it can make you feel like an incomplete person. Certain injuries are definitely worse than others. Anyone that has ever tweaked their back knows just how debilitating that can be. When it is hard to move, like walking or getting up out of bed, its very tough to think about athletic training.

Overcoming Personal Injuries and Staying Injury-Free

Like anyone involved in physical culture I’ve had my share of dings and hurts.

The good news is that following the steps outline in this program I no longer hurt myself in training…unless I do something really stupid.

For 8 years I suffered

The last time I hurt myself I injured the tendons and ligaments of my shoulder. It wasn’t from training but from playing tackle football. For two weeks I couldn’t raise my arm to parallel without pain. No drugs. No surgery. Just the details outlined in the shoulder program. A few months later I was as good as new.

For about six years I suffered with a chronically tight and painful right wrist. It made doing handstands tough at best. Other times I couldn’t even do them.

That bad wrist stood in the way of my goals.

That bad wrist stood in the way of my goals.

But using the exercises laid out here it become 100% pain free and no longer stops me. I even worked up to this back of the wrists handstand pushup.

This is the result of 10+ years of training and figuring out how to stop hurting myself, as well as coming back from injuries. Its a combination of drills from a wide slew of trainers and many I’ve come up with myself.

Let’s dive into what you’ll be getting…

3dIndestructible Body Series small

The Indestructible Body Foundation

The 7 Causes of Injury
5 Principles of Indestructibility
The Extra Ultimate Principle
5 Raw Materials for Regeneration
4 Topical Treatments

3d Indestructible Elbows Wrists and Fingers small

Indestructible Elbows, Wrists and Fingers

Mobility vs Stability in the Elbows
Loading for Hyperflexion
Hand vs Wrist Led Mobility
Wrist Extension in 4 Positions
Wrist Flexion in 4 Positions
Favorites of Martial Artists
Finger Mobility and Flexibility
Beyond the Fingertip Pushup
Your Elbow, Wrists and Finger Program
And More

3d Indestructible feet and ankles small

Indestructible Feet and Ankles

The Importance of Going Barefoot
Walking and Running Barefoot or with Minimalist Shoes (plus the Mistakes most people make)
Basic and Banded Mobility
Stretches You’ve Never Seen Before
The Weird Walks that are Great for Your Feet
George Jowett’s Favorite Calf Exercise
Best Exercise for Building Prehensility
And More

3d Indestructible Hips and Knees small

Indestructible Hips and Knees

The Worst Causative Factor for Bad Knees and Hips
Strength vs. Flexibility and Mobility for the Legs
Dynamic Flexibility Drills
Supported and Unsupported Mobility
How to Develop a Full Squat…And Go Further
One Legged Squatting Drills
The 4 Degree Cossack Flow for Ultimate Leg Dynamism
Seiza and Lotus Progressions
And More

3d Indestructible Shoulders small

Indestructible Shoulders

How the Shoulders are the Most Complex of them All
The Importance of Mobility in the 6 Directions
Working with Bands and Cables
The One Drill that Does Most Everything!
Supporting Strength in 6 Directions (3 of which are commonly Neglected)
The Best Stability Overload Exercise for the Shoulders
Extra Stability Challenges
Kettlebell Exercises that Can Make Your Shoulders Feel Great
Working with Indian Clubs for 360 Degrees
Use this Bridging Progression to Target the Shoulders
And More

3d Indestructible Spine and Neck small

Indestructible Spine and Neck

Why Most Spine Experts Are Wrong!
How Training the Fragile Neck is Critical
Opening Up Movement Where There Is None
One of the Best Exercises for the Spine with Several Variations
Hanging and Inversions
Two Ways to Reset Your Spine
Bridging for a Stronger Neck
Bridging for a Stronger, More Flexible Spine
Simple Routines to Follow
And More

How to Use The Indestructible Body Program

If you’re facing an injury currently, head straight to that section and work with the exercises in it to overcome the problem. If you put in the right work, you might be surprised at what you can overcome.

If you don’t have an injury do a little bit of everything…or work specifically on one area of the body at a time for some time before cycling to the next.

This is really a reference manual to be used throughout your life. I don’t always do everything in here all the time and neither should you.

Add a little bit of “Indestructibility” before your workouts, during your rest breaks, after your workout or on separate recovery days. It all works!

Right now I’m making The Indestructible Body program available at a very affordable price. But this price will be increasing in the future so pick up your copy today.

As soon as you order you’ll get an email to download your PDF’s so you can get started today. Or grab the physical book, which includes all 6 volumes in one, which will be shipped to your door.

Indestructible Series

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