Attention: Those with Niggling Pains, Chronic Injuries...and Those Who Wish to Avoid Them...

Become Indestructible

Free Yourself from Pain and Injury in Joints, Muscles, Nerves and More Using this Proven, Triple Combination of Movements to Rehab and Prehab Your Body

Dear Friend,

People are injured! Look at those people that don’t workout at all…and years down the road they have aches and pains and injuries that cripple their body.

On the flip side look at those that do workout, often times hard…and you’ll see the same thing!

Look at any strength training or fitness program out there. Its incomplete by the nature of the human body’s complexity. And with that incompleteness injuries are going to happen, sooner or later.

Lack of Use. Overuse. Abuse. Disuse.

…All can lead to the same place.

Stretching isn’t the answer.

Mobility drills aren’t the answer.

Strength training isn’t the answer.

So what is the answer? The answer is:

Combining Stability, Mobility and Flexibility

It takes ALL of the above intelligently combined. Neglect any one of these three dimensions and you will not get the results you seek.

Furthermore, it’s about strengthening your weak points and those not often used ranges of motion.

The fractal nature means you can’t just separate your stretching and strength training. You need strength and mobility in your end range of flexibility. You need your mobility to be both stable and flexible! And you don’t get this way with “average” exercises.

The sad fact is that most people’s training is very limited in scope. The Indestructible Body program aims to change that and create better and healthier movement along the way.

This is about building your body to the point of being injury proof. Not only will these exercises and drills help you to prevent future injuries, but the same methods are used to rehab old, chronic injuries too.

(You can’t really become fully indestructible. As an ideal, it’s something to aim for, though something you may never achieve. The good news is that once these principles and exercises are practiced then you’ll be able to free yourself from pain and injury easier and easier each time it does happen.)

“I’m extremely jealous of Logan Christopher’s latest release, The Indestructible Body. Considering my personal emphasis on mobility, flexibility, strength training, and injury-proofing for myself and my students (clients), this is the kind of program I would have love to have written! The good news is that Logan has already done it, and done an outstanding job at putting the whole thing together.”
-Jon Haas,

Great for Rehabbing Old Injuries and Preventing New

What derails more people from working out than any other thing? Near the top of the list is injuries. Everything is going along fine, until one day, something happens. For many people, this shuts down what they’re doing. While there are ways to work around an injury, there is no doubt that any injury can set you back.

If you have an injury it can make you feel like an incomplete person. Certain injuries are definitely worse than others. Anyone that has ever tweaked their back knows just how debilitating that can be. When it is hard to move, like walking or getting up out of bed, it’s very tough to think about athletic training!

For many injuries and pain seem a random occurrence. What if I told you that you can not only figure out why injuries happen, but feel confident in your ability to bounce back quicker than before?

Despite the crazy feats of strength I do I get LESS injured now than when I began my training. Its because the exercises from The Indestructible Body become things that I regularly train in.

Yet, like anyone involved in physical culture I’ve had my share of dings and hurts.

For Years I Suffered…

For about six years I suffered with a chronically tight and painful right wrist. It made doing handstands tough at best. Other times I couldn’t even do them.

That bad wrist stood in the way of my goals.

That bad wrist stood in the way of my goals.

But using the exercises laid out here it become 100% pain free and no longer stops me. I even worked up to this back of the wrists handstand pushup.

This is the result of 10+ years of training and figuring out how to stop hurting myself, as well as coming back from injuries. It’s a combination of drills from a wide slew of trainers and many I’ve come up with myself.

The last time I hurt myself I injured the tendons and ligaments of my shoulder. It wasn’t from training but from playing tackle football. For two weeks I couldn’t raise my arm to parallel without pain. What did I do? No drugs. No surgery. Just the details outlined in the shoulder program. A few months later I was as good as new.

Nowadays I largely avoid getting injured in the first place. But occasionally it still pops up…and maybe two weeks at most later I’m back to 100%. That’s one of the best things. The more you use The Indestructible Body concepts and exercises, the better you’ll get at using them!

This is Not a Standalone Fitness Program. It’s an Add-on or Protocol to Follow as Needed.

It is a deep dive on the principles you need to know around the areas of stability, mobility and strength, and how these apply to your body.

There are tons of exercises that take these principles and show you how to put them to use TODAY.

I’ve taken these ideas and broken them down joint-by-joint as that’s the easiest way to look at building an indestructible body, whether it’s the joints, muscles or nerves that might be giving you problems.

Add this training to whatever you’re currently doing and watch how old pains disappear.

Please note that this is more of a reference guide than a follow-along workout program. It is not best suited for people completely new to exercise.

Let’s dive into what you’ll be getting…

3dIndestructible Body Series small

The Indestructible Body Foundation

  • The 7 Causes of Injury
  • 5 Principles of Indestructibility
  • The Extra Ultimate Principle
  • 5 Raw Materials for Regeneration
  • 4 Topical Treatments

All contained in an 18 page ebook.

“Your Indestructible Body series has helped a lot.”
– Lee Thomas

Indestructible Elbows, Wrists and Fingers

  • Mobility vs Stability in the Elbows
  • Loading for Hyperflexion
  • Hand vs Wrist Led Mobility
  • Wrist Extension in 4 Positions
  • Wrist Flexion in 4 Positions
  • Favorites of Martial Artists
  • Finger Mobility and Flexibility
  • Beyond the Fingertip Pushup
  • Your Elbow, Wrists and Finger Program
  • And More

27 page ebook, plus 50 minute long video.

I have applied a ton of the principles both with myself and with clients I work with. I broke my wrist so spent a lot of time on this section of the book and started making bone broth from left overs on your recommendation. I use this as a reference book and something I dip in and out of regularly.”
– Nathan F.,

Indestructible Feet and Ankles

  • The Importance of Going Barefoot
  • Walking and Running Barefoot or with Minimalist Shoes (plus the Mistakes most people make)
  • Basic and Banded Mobility
  • Stretches You’ve Never Seen Before
  • The Weird Walks that are Great for Your Feet
  • George Jowett’s Favorite Calf Exercise
  • Best Exercise for Building Prehensility
  • And More

30 page ebook, plus 38 minute long video.

“I tried the stuff from indestructible feet and ankles and it is golden!
– Willem-Jan Wollants

Indestructible Hips and Knees

  • The Worst Causative Factor for Bad Knees and Hips
  • Strength vs. Flexibility and Mobility for the Legs
  • Dynamic Flexibility Drills
  • Supported and Unsupported Mobility
  • How to Develop a Full Squat…And Go Further
  • One Legged Squatting Drills
  • The 4 Degree Cossack Flow for Ultimate Leg Dynamism
  • Seiza and Lotus Progressions
  • And More

54 page ebook, plus 66 minute long video.

The Indestructible Body is one of my most favorite things I’ve ever purchased. I went through all of them several times and took some notes. I really had one so called bad injury, the patellar tendinitis, it was few years ago. As I don’t like what doctors say about it (can’t be cured and learn to live with that), I didn’t even visit them. As a physical therapist myself, I thought about the solution, studied additionally human anatomy and found possible cause which is muscle inbalance. Then I created some training plan for myself and went through it for almost 3 months, and my knee finally seemed normal and without pain. But even then, after some sprinting or hard plyometrics work (box jumps, jumping lunges etc) I’d again feel that knee pain and I’d have to take a rest and do some mobility and flexibility drills to make it disappear.

“But after I got The Indestructible Body, I firstly went through the knee, hip and feet exercises, took some of them and made a routine which I did every morning for one month. Not that I never felt that pain again, then I don’t feel it now even when doing jumping pistols which I started doing recently, and other plyo exercises or sprinting are more then easy for me now.

“I also used other exercises from The Indestructible Body for some other situations: when I wanted to do chest to bar pull-ups I couldn’t because of lack of mobility and flexibility in my shoulders and shoulder blades, but after doing some of the exercises from shoulder section I got them and now can do chest to bar pull-ups with no issues.

“Don’t want to make this so long, but additionally I can just say that The Indestructible Body is my go to resource if I find any problems with any of my joints, pain when doing something or limited range of motion. It would be so even if I wouldn’t be physical therapist or experienced in training, since everything is well organized, more then well explained.”
-Laid Civic

Indestructible Shoulders

  • How the Shoulders are the Most Complex of them All
  • The Importance of Mobility in the 6 Directions
  • Working with Bands and Cables
  • The One Drill that Does Most Everything!
  • Supporting Strength in 6 Directions (3 of which are commonly Neglected)
  • The Best Stability Overload Exercise for the Shoulders
  • Extra Stability Challenges
  • Kettlebell Exercises that Can Make Your Shoulders Feel Great
  • Working with Indian Clubs for 360 Degrees
  • Use this Bridging Progression to Target the Shoulders
  • And More

53 page ebook, plus 64 minute long video.

Indestructible Spine and Neck

  • Why Most Spine Experts Are Wrong!
  • How Training the Fragile Neck is Critical
  • Opening Up Movement Where There Is None
  • One of the Best Exercises for the Spine with Several Variations
  • Hanging and Inversions
  • Two Ways to Reset Your Spine
  • Bridging for a Stronger Neck
  • Bridging for a Stronger, More Flexible Spine
  • Simple Routines to Follow
  • And More

37 page ebook, plus 60 minute long video.

Your book The Indestructible Body has been a great help and continues to be to this day. It is a process, you brought forward, especially in areas not well known but very essential for improvement. Thus a lifelong journey, even through retirement, which is where I am now. The collagen powder you speak of for wrist joints has been a great awakening. The tendons and ligaments pain in my wrist would keep me awake many hours through the night. Taking collagen powder and massaging the wrist over a period of many months, eventually went away. Training continues, even through all that.  I like the way you broke the book down, focusing on the joints of the body, the feet and it many applications and your brother’s information on running barefoot. We all thank you Sensei.
– George Jensen

How to Use The Indestructible Body Program

If you’re facing an injury currently, head straight to that section and work with the exercises in it to overcome the problem. If you put in the right work, you might be surprised at what you can overcome.

BUT there’s a reason I’m not just selling you each section a la carte. You MUST understand how the body works together. The fact is a shoulder problem could be caused by an issue in your ankle. Therefore, it’s important to see how everything fits together.

If you don’t have an injury do a little bit of everything…or work specifically on one area of the body at a time for some time before cycling to the next.

This is really a reference manual to be used throughout your life. I don’t always do everything in here all the time and neither should you.

Add a little bit of “Indestructibility” before your workouts, during your rest breaks, after your workout or on separate recovery days. It all works!

Right now I’m making The Indestructible Body program available at a very affordable price. But this price will be increasing in the future so pick up your copy today.

As soon as you order you’ll get an email to download your PDF’s and videos so you can get started today. All the videos can be watched online or downloaded to your device.

“I’m very happy with the book. I’m “suffering” from a variety of injuries from years of weightlifting and other sports and i wish i had this book earlier. It’a bit hard for me to follow all the routines in the book ( as i probably should) and i concentrate more on my weak spots like my knees and hips. Tips like “knees caving in”and “training in full range of motion” really helped me a lot. Thanks for that. I’m still using the book as a general guidance for my workouts and i defenitely will buy some other interesting stuff you wrote.”
– Jack Schiewold

The Complete Indestructible Body Program with All 6 Ebooks and 5 Videos

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The Complete Indestructible Body Program with All 6 Ebooks and 5 Videos-Physical Book

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Bonus: 8 Amazing Shoulder Flow Drills… (A $39.95 Value)

Shoulder injuries are one of the most common type that occurs, so I wanted to give you something extra special for them. (Although the focus is the shoulders this work can be helpful to the elbows, wrists and spine too.)

As the shoulder is the most movable joint of the body, it also can be injured and in pain for many reasons. With the most movement, comes the most potential risk.

This newsletter and video series was originally only available for my Strength Health Mind Power Inner Circle members.

This issue alone cost $39.95, but I’ve decided to include it here because the drills covered were an evolution of what starting in the original The Indestructibly Body course. That means they work even better!

You’ll get the PDF which describes the 8 shoulder flow drills plus videos detailing each one.

These drills not only help rehab painful shoulders but make them stronger too! I credit these for bulletproofing my shoulders to handle a 135 lb. barbell Turkish getup and 165 lb. barbell bent press.

Guaranteed to Work for You…Or Your Money Back

You’re backed by a money back guarantee. So if you try The Indestructible Body and find it doesn’t work for you, you’ve risked nothing.

But what if it does work?

Isn’t it worth the price and effort?

I hope you say yes, and will get started with me today.

In strength,
Logan Christopher

The Complete Indestructible Body Program with All 6 Ebooks and 5 Videos Digital

 Only $77 Today


The Complete Indestructible Body Program with All 6 Ebooks and 5 Videos-Physical Book

Only $87 Today +shipping


100% 3-month Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t feel like this is worth every penny you can get a full refund no questions asked. Just let us know and we’ll give you your money back. This is 100% risk-free. All the risk is on us as you can download it right away and take three months to decide if it’s worth it to you.

P.S. You’ll find lots of pieces of the puzzle here and there from other trainers. I know because that’s how I got started. For over a decade I pieced these parts together for myself.

But I haven’t seen anyone else put things together to cover the necessary trifecta of movements that truly build towards an indestructible body. Joint by joint you’ll discover what it takes to build the fractal combination of stability, flexibility and mobility that is truly needed, even desired by your body to stay pain-free with healthy movement.