More to Movement than Meets the EYES

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Paul, a subscriber send me this video the other day.

It’s worth the watch.

It’s about how your eyes and how they change up your posture and movement.

Summed up in the statement, “Eye exercises are a quick and efficient way to instantly align our posture and decrease our pain.”

This is outside-the-box from how most people think about such things.

In other words it looks like magic, though just has to do with the interconnectivity of things, such as the systems in our biology, specifically the importance of our neurology.

The video talks about posture and pain.

AND this stuff applies to strength, endurance, flexibility and more.

Give it a try and see how it works for you.


  1. Brilliant, as always, Logan! I can consistently rely on you to bring ideas and knowledge that I haven’t encountered before. I have only done the eye exercise once, so I don’t know if that’s a valuable data set that I’ve generated, but I appreciate that you keep searching and keep sharing what you come across. In my own experience with barefoot movement and hiking, I’ve had truly great results hiking barefoot in improving gait, posture, and balance, but I haven’t approached it from the other end of visual postural alignment. Looking forward to exploring this more. Keep up the quest, and I’lll keep following your progress.

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