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Handstand Pushup against the Wall

Quick Bodyweight Workout when Traveling

As mentioned previously, I was traveling in Guatemala for a week. On my shorter travels I typically don’t workout — just getting a solid workout in before I go, and then getting right back into it upon my return. I use the travel time to recoup, kind of like a short deload period. But a […]

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Amazing Flips

This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in awhile. (Thanks to my friend Damon for sending it to me.) The athlete seen here is Eirik Thingstad Lundstein. I’ve done a few weighted back flips before, but this is a-whole-nother level. And I’ve often dreamed of flipping to and from a pistol squat. I […]

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Ageist Attitude Poision

I’ve got a popular video on Youtube about How to Get Up Off the Ground without Your Hands. Just as the title says it talks about what it takes to get off the ground from sitting or lying down without using your hands. It gets some interesting comments. The following just came in and it […]

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Benefits of Backflips

A short and simple question came in the other day: “What are the benefits of doing back flips?” Well, if you’re just looking for ‘general fitness’ this move isn’t for you. Really it should be looked at more as an application of your fitness rather than a method to build it. Does that make sense? That […]

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Don’t be a Robot!

Bodybuilders get a lot of crap, especially from us in the “functional training” world. But that’s not to say there aren’t some smart and strong guys out there in that world. Recently came across this quote from Tom Platz, a professional bodybuilder voted to have the ‘Best Quads and Hamstrings of All Time’. After being […]

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Bodyweight Isometrics

Seeing as bodyweight and isometrics are always popular subjects to my readers, this question from Charles covers both… Recently saw you doing some 1-arm chin-up isometric holds which are very difficult but awesome for building arm and back strength. Was wondering if you know of any other powerful bodyweight isometric holds, and if you planned […]

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Practicing a New Physical Skill

In this article I’ll be discussing how I was able to quickly develop a new skill set in a short amount of time. Although the focus is walking on springy stilts, these same concepts can be applied to all kinds of skills, from the physical to the mental. To adequately explain how this came about […]

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