14 Reasons to Do Pullups

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In my mind, pullups are one of the best groups of exercises you can do. Let me list the reasons why…

  1. They strengthen the arms particularly the biceps which, beyond just being a beach muscle are very helpful for lifting things, including your body.
  2. The strengthen the back, notably the lats, but plenty of the smaller muscles involved too. While rows of various sorts are worthy exercises, nothing quite compares to pullups for these.
  3. They decompress the spine. This happens more with hanging than just pullups, but considering we fight against gravity all day long, every day, hanging allows you to use this force in the opposite manner.
  4. Pullups build the grip too. This can be increased further by one arm hangs, or various grips like thick bars, rotating bars and more to further maximize hand strength.
  5. Pullups are a great survival skill. You’ll probably never need to pull your bodyweight up and over something, but if you do, wouldn’t you be glad it’s there!
  6. These require little in the way of equipment. You need a bar, or tree branch, or something to hang on but beyond that require nothing more. Sure, stuff can be added like a weight belt and weights, but you require very little to actually do them.
  7. I’m going to get sexist here in saying that there are actually differences between men and women. Cancel me if you want. For a guy to be strong you’re required to be able to do a few pullups. Women, without the equal upper body strength, are actually treading into elite or super strong to be able to do this move.
  8. Pullups build a base for more advanced moves such as muscle ups, front and back levers, ring work and much more.
  9. Pullups also build a base for other skillsets and sports such as rope climbing and rock climbing.
  10. These are a bodyweight basic. In that, I mean that they will help you get in touch with your body more as bodyweight training tends to do. Even if you’re 300 lbs. if you can rep out pullups at that weight, you’re strong more than you’re fat.
  11. Although I’m much more a fan of strict pullups then kipping pullups, here is a great place to learn the skillsets, and develop the strength, to do both. Learn how to generate momentum and get strong enough to not need it.
  12. Locking out at the elbows can help keep them healthy. It can also hurt you depending on the situation so make sure to do this smartly and properly.
  13. Packing and unpacking your shoulders will similarly keep them healthy. Brachiating, while not specifically doing pullups, will help take this further.
  14. Pullups are fun. Well, they might be frustrating when you’re first starting and can’t do them, but when you have some success with them, they tend to be fun.

That’s fourteen reasons. There might be even more but that’s more than enough reasons to do this great exercise.

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