Golfer’s Elbow Stopping Pullups

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Norman asks:

“I always love reading your messages. I would like to hear your thoughts about golfers elbow, the reason why I cant manage to do a single pullup.
Tried everything: rest, stretching, strengthening even changing diet choices as to inflammation. Nothing works. As a strongman you sure know this condition. Could you lend me a helping hand?”

Golfer’s elbow can certainly get in the way. It’s kind of surprising to me that there isn’t something called “pullup elbow.” Not as popular as golf or tennis I suppose.

But the elbows can definitely take a beating in doing pullups, more so than other joints typically, which can lead to inflammation in this area.

Know this. You haven’t tried everything. Four things is NOT everything. While those were all a good starting place, there’s so much more. Have you tried acupuncture? Have you tried energy healing? Have you tried mobility (different from stretching or strengthening)? Have you tried topical treatments meant to lower inflammation in the area? Have you tried magnets? Have you looked at the mental/emotional aspects surrounding the injury? Have you done hypnosis? Have you done myofascial release? Have you looked at problems in other joints that may be affecting your elbows (for instance your knees or shoulders)?

And that is just a few ideas. I could give many more possibilities.

I have a few programs that might help. The Indestructible Body and Intuitive Mobility. Both are on Quarantine Sale right now and so are the cheapest I’ve ever offered them. 

The former touches on stretching and strengthening, but perhaps in ways you’ve not done. They both cover mobility. Even more important than the exercises themselves is the IDEA behind them of working with your body to find out what feedback it gives in helping you to come out of the inflammation and aggravation.

I like to combine this with some topical treatments such as liniment especially. And you can take it further outside simply physical healing with some other tools. An easy way to do this is with one of my hypnotic tracks on Pain-Free Movement

In working with all that you see what can be done to lower pain and increase mobility. Specifically for doing pullups you’ll want to play with different grips. You’ll likely find over time that you may be able to do a chin-up grip (that is palms facing you) but not a pullup grip (palms facing away). Or a neutral grip. Or rings work but a bar doesn’t. Or any combination of these things depending on how the stress affects your tendons.

The important thing is to not go into pain, but expand your ability to move without going into pain. It could take a month, it could take a year, but it can be done.

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