Greasing the Groove with Pullups

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Yesterday I shared that I got a doorway pullup bar so I could begin training this exercise again.

With this I had a good opportunity to train my pullups differently than I had in a long time.

Greasing the groove.

This phrase and method was popularized by Pavel Tsatsouline. It means to do sets of an exercise throughout the day, rather than in a dedicated workout period.

Doing so allows you to train the skill of the exercise more.

It also minimizes fatigue and maximizes rest allowing for more quality and total volume than you would get in a normal workout.

Pay attention to the numbers there. And disregard the squiggly drawing from my daughter 😉

10 reps for 10 sets. 100
6 reps for 20 sets. 120
7 reps for 20 sets. 140
8 reps for 20 sets. 160
9 reps for 20 sets. 180
10 reps, didn’t complete this day as stuff got in the way.
11 reps for 10 sets. 110
12 reps for 10 sets. 120
13 reps for 10 sets. 130
14 reps for 10 sets. 140
10 reps for 20 sets. 200
15 reps for 10 sets. 150
11 reps for 15 sets. 165
16kg – 7 reps for 10 sets. 70
16kg – 8 reps for 10 sets. 80
25 reps in a single set
24kg – 4 reps for 10 sets. 40
16kg – 9 reps for 10 sets. 90
20kg – 5 reps for 10 sets. 50
20kg – 6 reps (this day is in progress when I took the picture)

I started small, well within my ability with just bodyweight pullups. Actually I started even smaller than is listed here but had since erased the board.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice there are several methods of progression here.

All of these concepts are laid out in The Ultimate Guide to Pullups & Chin-ups

There’s adding reps to each set. There’s adding total sets. And then there is adding weight. Mix and match these and watch your strength increase.

Of course, this isn’t just back-to-back days. I took days off as I needed it.

This higher volume grease the groove approach is a bit different than initially recommended by Pavel. But it certainly works!

If you’re looking to add reps…which in turn helps top-end strength, then give it a try.

There’s much more inside of The Ultimate Guide to Pullups & Chin-ups which is on sale now. 

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