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100 Burpee Challenge

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This second video is purely an example of the 100 burpee challenge down with regular burpees. You’ll notice I start off with good speed, which gradually slows down finishing the 100th rep at 6 minutes, 52 seconds. My aim is to do this single set rep-count in five minutes flat, …

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22 Chin-ups

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It’s interesting. Chin-ups, that is with the palms facing the body, tend to be easier than pullups, with the palms facing away. But for some reason, when doing a high rep set I tend to max out around the same number. Just this past weekend I pulled off 22 chin-ups, …

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Progressive Stand Up Challenges – Burpees

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This video is the third in a series of progressive stand up challenges, where I cover regressions and progressions to be able to do various bodyweight movements. This video covers some possibilities with the basic burpee. Prerequisite: None Standard: Burpee. Squat down, jump the legs back to bottom of a …