How Strength Affects Endurance Training and Vice Versa

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How does strength affect endurance? How does endurance affect strength? Find out how I think about these terms in the video below, and how you should too.

First, it is important to realize that strength and endurance are not separate things but exist more on a spectrum. Extreme examples of the first one include a one-rep maximum lift of any kind, and of the latter, an ultra-marathon.

Understand that there is a whole lot between these. Think of a 100 rep set of some lift. Is this strength or endurance?

With this in mind, you can see how one thing affects another. The one-rep max will not make your marathon any better or vice versa. But hill sprints could help your squat strength and your long slow distance running too.

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And if you’d like more of the foundations for strength and endurance I recommend picking up a copy of The Master Keys to Strength and Fitness.

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