Handstand Pushup Isometrics

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I get asked about handstand pushups a lot. I also get asked about isometrics a lot. Here we cover both!

There are quite a few different types of isometrics; I’ve cataloged nine different kinds. Of these two are made use of here. These are:

  • Holding Isometrics
  • Beyond-the-Hold Isometrics

A hold is where you simply hold the position. A beyond-the-hold isometrics is where you actively push into the object (in this case the ground or chairs) but without moving. This takes more strength than merely holding.

Both have uses here. In general, I will use the beyond-the-hold method and press isometrically for six to ten seconds. This seems to be a very effective range of time for building up strength.

I’ve been doing these for the past few months and continue to set new records in what I can do in handstand pushups so they definitely seem to be helping.

For much more on handstand pushups be sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups.


  1. Thank you so much Logan😆!
    I have been looking for ways to learn how to do the handstand and progress into a full one. 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Great video- informative and accessible! Haven’t trained hspus for a while and certsinly never got close to a full range rom. Might just have me a new goal!

  3. Many thanks logan for this, ivr a long way to go yet. But this I know and is going to help, and most importantly , your giving great advice for free your a star. I’m not sure if you have covered this before. But one of my major goals is a tuck planche, any advice on progression would be great. Manh many thanks. Barry

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