What is the Best Time to Workout?

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Having exercised for around fifteen years seriously now I have explored all the options as for the best time to workout.

In this video, I clearly lay out the benefits and drawbacks to different times, because there is no one clear answer.

Morning workouts may be a bit harder because your body is not warmed up. But you get the workout done, without anything being able to interrupt that. Many people find that healthier habits (like eating) then become easier through the rest of the day.

Noon/afternoon workouts have been studied to give you the best performance as the body is most awake at that time. One issue is that many people have busy lives and sometimes life gets in the way, making you miss your workout. Assuming that doesn’t happen this can also provide a good break during your day.

Evening workouts are generally not recommended unless that is the only opportunity you have. This is because they may interfere with sleep, whereas earlier workouts tend to support it.

Of course, all this assumes a normal sleep schedule.

Lastly, I’ll say that any time is better than not working out at all.

Personally, I choose to do morning workouts. It is a habitual part of my routine and there’s a good chance I will not be changing this for many years to come.

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  1. The best time to train is when u feel like training that’s when u get the most benefit. Training is meant to be enjoyed. It’s not ment to be a chore.

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