80/20 Strength Challenge Sneak Peek

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Below you’ll find select videos from inside of The 80/20 Strength Challenge. This is meant to give you a peek inside the program to know if it’s a good fit for you.

Understand what the 80/20 principle is and how this applies to strength and fitness.

This program is mostly built around bodyweight exercises, but not quite exclusively. This video here shows the five steps involved in progressing with pushups in difficulty.

Each exercise grouping (four of them) has a beginner progressive series and an advanced one. In the next video you see the advanced version of pullups and chin-ups, including the use of added weights.

The next video talks about how the program works with 15 minute supersets, that is going back and forth between two exercises. This video also covers the 80% effort rule which is key in this program.

There are 18 videos like this inside The 80/20 Strength Challenge, as well as the detailed workbook and fill-in-the-blank training logs.

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