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Are you into isometrics?

If so, you’ve got to take a look at this.

Dragondoor is taking pre-orders for a new device called the ISOCHAIN.

I’ll come right out and say it. This device is fairly expensive even at the pre-order price!

And for the most part, it is something that you could easily make from cheap materials at home.

So why am I recommending it?

Why did I place my own order right away after seeing it announced?

There is one specific benefit this device has that has the potential to revolutionize training. And I do not use that word lightly…

Take a look at this:

That is the handle and you can see it is reading 950.5 lb on it.

This device measures your strength output!

You have to understand that isometric training is amazing. But it has one major FLAW. And that is that it is pretty much impossible to track progression.

You know I’m always harping on the importance of progression because it is foundational to proper strength training.

For me, isometrics have had their place, but this flaw has always made them NOT a major part of my training. They’ve become more used as assistance exercises…where I still see progress in the main moving exercises so I can track it.

But this device solves this problem, which in turn makes isometric training that much better.

This is the major reason I locked in my purchase.

But there is a second cool component too.

Another problem that occurs with isometrics is known as the cortical inhibition. In short, your nervous system can put on the brakes on your muscular output if you’re not up against a real load (aka as in most isometrics). There are some ways around this by using weights in isometrics, but then this limits some of what you can do.

With the ISOCHAIN this is solved by using a spring so that there is give to each and every isometric lift.

I’m very, very much looking forward to using this when it’s ready. And for those reasons I thought it was worth sharing with you.

You can find out more here


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