Where Qi Comes From?

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Just the other day I was reading through a book that mentioned the piezoelectric effect. Are you familiar with this?

It is a property of crystalline structures whereby pressure will generate electricity.

I’ve heard of this several times throughout the years, but while reading about this effect this time a lightbulb went off for me!

Understand that your bones and connective tissues are crystalline structures. Therefore the piezoelectric effect occurs inside the human body.

For the last hundred years or so, humanity has almost singularly gone down the path of us being chemical beings. Obviously, this is true and has become a large part of what medicine is based on and even how we see biology via molecular interactions.

But it is just as true, perhaps even more so, that we are electrical beings.

EEG’s read our brain waves with an electric pattern.

The heart generates an electromagnetic field magnitudes bigger than the brain.

Nowadays, we know that our DNA shoots off biophotons too.

So back to the piezoelectric effect. Part of the ‘aha’ moment for me was to realize that this may, at least in part, explain the Eastern concept of Qi (chi).

Pressure on the tissues generates an electric effect. This electric effect then does what? It’s a good question.

Understand again that so much of biology is based on dissecting dead bodies, or looking at how chemicals affect cells. Looking at how “energy” in different forms affects living bodies is something that is harder to see and study…so we’ve done far less of it.

So let’s move to examples.

Walking is very good for us human beings. Bipedal motion is something we humans are uniquely suited for, so much that we require this motion for good health. And with each step, you may be charging your body with qi based on this piezoelectric effect.

Strength training is obviously very helpful. Whether weights or bodyweight, you’re placing loads on your body. And these loads may similarly be charging your body with qi based on this piezoelectric effect.

To take it to another level, some of the training methods I’m a big fan of include partials, supports, and carrying exercises as I discuss in Strengthen Your Structure.

Why are these exercises so great? It may just be that the heavier loads and pressure across the frame of the body (super loading on the bones) generate an even stronger piezoelectric and vitality enhancing effect.

In deep breathing exercises, your diaphragm pushes down on all the organs in your abdomen which are held in place by connective tissues.

Perhaps this generates a local piezoelectric effect that nourishes the organs in some way, going beyond the greater oxygenation that we know occurs from deep breathing.

And then we can look at acupressure by rubbing and tapping points, as I cover in Buzzing with Energy, that could possibly be explained by this effect.

These are just theories at this point. I’m not aware of any research that may back these up, but my guess is that it’s out there. (If you happen to know of any please do share it with me.)

The more I get into health, the more I recognize that the electric part of us is so important. And possibly I just “discovered” how the mechanical in turn work on the electrical.

Anyway, just some thoughts that I felt were worth sharing.


  1. So would martial arts be able to generate far more than the average person since they have denser bones? If bone density is related to how much voltage you can generate from this effect, then having a super dense skeletal structure is key to unlocking dormant abilities in the body and mind.

    Unrelated, can you magnetize blood? And if so, does the acidity or alkalinity affect whether it’s positively charged or negatively? It’s a reach but perhaps the right combination of factors could lead to far superior performance and what appear to be mythological abilities (levitation, telekinesis, etc). Maybe the blood becomes a conduit for thought waves. I don’t know but this email flipped some switches in my brain.

    Also, sorry I dove right in like that without an intro but the ideas were just spewing out and I didn’t want to lose them. I’m a long time reader and kettlebell enthusiast, but I’ve struggled to consistently apply what I’m learning. Recently I’ve felt some pressure to get my shit together and I’m starting with the basics, and I just want to say I really appreciate your work. Got me through some dark times man.

    1. Some great questions worth figuring out but that I don’t know the answer too. One thing is that the blood cells are based on iron which is magnetized, and as someone else commented, this then effects the fields in the body. 

  2. Add this to your information. To create a generator of electricity we need a conductor moving through a magnetic field. Red blood cells are iron and therefore are a conductor. The heart field is an electromagnetic field. The blood moving through the heart field generates a current. In other words electricity or Qi.
    Kind of cool

  3. Thank you, good piece. I’m a fan of Dr Sebi ( interviewed his right hand man Juan who was in prison with him when he died, owns Dr Sebi cell food) and it reminded me of Dr Sebi calling food electrical.

    1. Only vaguely familiar with Dr. Sebi’s work but the concept is true for sure. Just like us food is both chemical and electrical.

  4. I have researched a lot on this subject and it is true. We are piezoelectric thanks to our bones! The fascia helps the bio electric current travel throughout our body and our muscles act like resistors, giving off heat.

  5. Good mail. In his book Becoming Supernatural Dr Joe Dispenza also talks about this effect and how it pushes energy from the pelvis to the skull, creating an electromagnetic field around the body. When this happens it is possible to get into a bliss state. When I read this I had the same conclusion as you. This must be Prana! I practice yoga so I call it Prana, but Qi is the same.

    Anyway if you haven’t checked it maybe it’s worth checking out for you.

    1. Yep, there’s been many different words for energy. Haven’t read that book, though I did some of his other work. It’s on my list now.

  6. Hey Logan, great read as usual. I’ve been a follower of yours for a long time now, I messaged you a couple years back suggesting that you check out the AMN (Advanced Movement Neurology)Academy from over here in the UK, they are amazing and have lots of information surrounding the idea of the cells being recharged with energy from sunlight and also the piezoelectric theories you discuss here, along with some very interesting strength training and movement philosophies similar to your own, check them out my friend, you won’t be disappointed! I was signed up to the SHMPIC since the early days through my ex-partners account but since we separated she unfortunately cancelled the membership even though I was willing to pay for it! The price has nearly tripled since than as it’s so popular now! I have at least 75% of your books and courses and definitely think you would like the AMN approach, have a look and let me know what you think mate.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I remember looking at that briefly before but will take a look once again. 

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