Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols Sneak Peek

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The following are just a small sampling of videos inside of The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols 2.0.

This is meant to give you a sneak peak of what you get inside.

Module Zero aims to deliver some of the necessary ideas about bodyweight training in general. This video covers the advantages and disadvantages of bodyweight training.

Module One covers the basic bodyweight squat in all the detail you need to know, including technique, training plans and workouts. This video covers common squatting errors.

Module Two is all about the many different variations of the squat available. This video covers one fun example, great for hip strength and flexibility, Sumo Squats.

Module Three is all about building up to high rep squats in single sets or just total volume. This video features a workout set of 100 Hindu squats.

Module Four makes the transition to one legged squats with getting started in the pistol squat. This video features the close leg squat which makes a helpful transition to the pistol squat.

Module Five makes the pistol squat much harder in a wide variety of ways. This video features different methods of adding weight to the pistol.

Module Six covers other variations of one legged squats including the Shrimp Squat, Figure 4 Squat and Dragon Pistol. Throughout this course you’ll also find details on mobility and flexibility drills that assist in these many squats. Here is one example with targeted stretching for the Shrimp Squat.

That is just 7 of 63 videos available!

Meaning there is so much more where that came from. If you’d like to get going you can grab The Ultimate Guide to Bodyweight Squats and Pistols 2.0 here.


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