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Strength Training Mindset

In Mental Mastery by Logan Christopher1 Comment

When you go to the gym, do you leave feeling accomplished? Or do you feel like you’re just going through the motions? Your success in the gym has to do with your mindset. Your mindset refers to not a singular idea or belief, but to multiple or a “set” of …

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Derren Brown on Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is a fascinating field, one that most people just have myths and misconceptions about. This video with Derren Brown, on The Joe Rogan Experience, is a good place to learn about what hypnosis is and it isn’t. There’s a myth that you couldn’t be hypnotized to do anything you …

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Where Qi Comes From?

In Health-Mastery by Logan Christopher12 Comments

Just the other day I was reading through a book that mentioned the piezoelectric effect. Are you familiar with this? It is a property of crystalline structures whereby pressure will generate electricity. I’ve heard of this several times throughout the years, but while reading about this effect this time a …

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Are you into isometrics? If so, you’ve got to take a look at this. Dragondoor is taking pre-orders for a new device called the ISOCHAIN. I’ll come right out and say it. This device is fairly expensive even at the pre-order price! And for the most part, it is something …

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3 Recovery Tips for Muscle Soreness

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Here are 3 weird, yet effective, recovery tips for muscle soreness that are most likely not in your routine. If you are actively working on strength or endurance training these tips may support your results. The famous wrestler, Dan Gable once said you must work just as hard on recovery …

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Handstand Pushup Isometrics

In Bodyweight Mastery by Logan Christopher6 Comments

I get asked about handstand pushups a lot. I also get asked about isometrics a lot. Here we cover both! There are quite a few different types of isometrics; I’ve cataloged nine different kinds. Of these two are made use of here. These are: Holding Isometrics Beyond-the-Hold Isometrics A hold …

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Kettlebell Juggling + Agility Drills

In Kettlebell Mastery by Logan Christopher5 Comments

Training should be fun! If it’s pure drudgery then its no wonder so many people aren’t motivated to do it. So sprinkling in some novel and crazy feats can be just the spice needed to keep you going on otherwise consistent work. Saw this from @junctiongirevoysport on Instagram and for …

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Forward Somersault Progressions

In Bodyweight Mastery by Logan Christopher2 Comments

All of fitness is based on progression. Sadly, when it’s not as simple as adding five pounds to a lift, or even a rep at a time, many people don’t know how to do it. This is the case with rolling. In this new video, I cover how to get …

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How to do a Barbell Bent Press

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The bent press is also known as the screw press. It is not to be confused with a bench press although the name sounds similar. Rather than a real press it is more of a moving support. With practice, very large weights can be handled. It’s a challenging lift and …