“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners who want even more out of life.” – Chicago Tribune

Peak Performance Elite One on One Coaching

I make tons of great books and DVD’s that can teach you once specific area of training. But nothing, and I do mean nothing, takes the place of individual one on one attention. After all you are your own person and want to hit your unique combination of goals, with a unique set of circumstances.

Here’s what others are saying:

“One day I went out and bought a deck of cards determined to rip it in half. I tore through the plastic outside, took the cards out, and got my hands awkwardly around it and twisted. Nothing happened. After taking away a few cards I tried again, and again, and again. Finally, with a deck of 5 cards in my hand, I tore right through it. Four months later, after working with Logan Christopher, I can power through a deck of cards. While there are online guides that are very informative they seem to only help you get so far. Being coached by Logan I was able to learn much more than simply how to train and what technique to use. He covers much more in terms of superfoods, energy drills, and mental training, which applies to much more than doing a feat of strength. With all of the information, both cutting-edge and ancient wisdom, it is almost necessary to have Logan patiently aiding you and giving examples. Moreover, the knowledge he has is worth much more than what you pay, but you also get Logan as a coach, and more importantly, as a friend.”
-Zack Zeller

The visualisation that you talked me through last time has really helped. Think one of the biggest things is to have re-programmed how I feel going into a hard snatch workout. By doing 200 snatches “mentally”, I still feel fresh at the end of it. Now when I go into a hard physical session I don’t feel like I’m starting the session knowing that I’ll be dying on my feet by the end of it. Actually I wasn’t really aware of this before doing the visualisation, but now that its gone away, in hindsight I think it was holding me back from doing my best.”

Plus after a single supplement recommendation –
“I was really amazed at what a difference this made – felt improvements in my exercise and recovery and general well being within about 2 days.”
-David Fennell of the UK

After sharing some of the stuff you’ll learn about in one of your bonuses the second month of coaching, top trainer Chuck Halbakken said:
“I spend a ton of money on my education. I think way outside the box, and I can tell you this. Hanging out with Logan for 15 minutes is much more educational in a practical way then hanging out for 15 weeks with pretty much anybody I know and I know some pretty strong, cool people.”
-Chuck Halbakken

“Your knowledge and interest in sharing ways to help people become more well rounded and able to complete their goals is PRICELESS. You have been one of the best, if not the best, resources for anyone looking to improve their lives and well being. Thank you for your dedication. I for one greatly appreciate your work.”
-Michael J. McTamney

“The call I had with you just helped me focus on what my goals are. I can press the 32kg kettlebell a lot easier from struggling with one rep to four with each arm! I am on my way to the 200 snatch mark as well. Thank you Logan.”
-Loisl Fortmuller

We’ll jump on the phone or Skype and go over exactly what you need. I’ll have you fill out a questionnaire before you begin so we can maximize the time spent.

I’ve got two options. Signup now for just a single coaching call or get a package.

I guarantee your satisfaction. If half way through the call you’re not already happy with the quality and quantity of helpful information we can hang up and I’ll refund every penny.

My rates are high because, quite frankly, my time is limited and highly valuable to me. And these will be going up in the future..

Peak Performance Elite Coaching 1 Hour Session for $150

Peak Performance Elite Coaching 5 Hour Package for $650