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This is a model I came up with on the three areas you can focus in on to increase your performance. I call it the Peak Performance Trinity.

The question to ask yourself is what area are you lacking in and what can you do to make it better?

1. Physical Training
2. Health and Nutrition
3. Mental and Energetic Training

Most people aim to help you in one area but I’m seeking to do all three. And on that note I have something very special I’m unleashing for you later this week.

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Whoa dude! This article is one of the BEST articles I’v ever read on this site… PERIOD!
    It’s interesting to see that you & I think about this stuff in EXACT the same way. I Also look at HEALTH & LONGEVITY as my #1 priority! ONLY then after that comes (as with your list) Performance, i.e. Strength, Conditioning, Endurance, Stamina etc… In my honest opinion (& I know that Dr. Mercola will FULLY agree with me on this), Health & Longevity needs to be #1 ALWAYS! & that’s because when people (especially eldery, 50 years & older) begin to train or are already training since young age, & are NOT taking ANY supplements that are of an essence in this day & age… & are eating junkfood or eating healthy ones in a while, then they’re body (wich Already becomes MORE & MORE inflamed & Telomeres are getting shorter & shorter & they are spilling & using up a LOT of they’re Jing energy etc.)… then EVEN the Training that they’re doing is NOT going to help them get healthier & in the long run actually will put them down & destory them, rather then build them up & make them MORE radiant in the long run… So definitely imo, Health & Longevity on a SUPERIOR HIGH level is WAAAY MORE IMportant then training the body Hard & becoming Stronger & stronger…

    Next, I also agree with you on the part of MENTAL & Energetic training man, I, myself have been visualizing dramatically lately (actually started it this year, but LATELY it has been going through the roof!)… I ALWAYS Visualize the Feats of Strength that are EXTREMELY HARD & BRUTAL to do in my head OVER & OVER & OVER BEfore I actually achieve them! That’s exactly How I did it when I Finally hit the 304 Snatches with the 24kg in 10 minutes & multiple hand switches! I visualized it & saw it before me & felled it so vividly as IF I was there in REAL LIFE! Good for me that I ALWAYS Had a LOTTA Fantasy & Imagination as a Young Kid & ’till this very day I STILL have it in me! & I’m NOT yet where I want to be with it even, There’s a LOT MORE to it then Visualization only, but you Already know, since you made the course: Think & Grow Strong Quickstart! I Actually started getting deep & heavy into self hypnotizing & I digg it to the fullest man! It’s freaking AWESOME to say the least, It’s like putting myself in a meditative state before I go train HARD, But NOT in a Meditative state that I’m ready to sleep or take a nap, actually quite the opposite, It’s giving me deep calmness & lasersharp focus while also relaxing me & making me more ready & prepared at the same time, that’s How I felt when I did the 304 snatches like I said earlier!

    anyway man, I will finish this comment because It’s getting to long already imo! I’m always suprised again & again when I see how you & I look at these things ALMOST identically Logan! Very good to see someone as DEADSERIOUS & MOTIVATED as I am, I know of NO ONE in real life OR on the internet that is on the SAME level Interested in ALL of this 3 Super Important Areas of PEAK PERFORMANCE as You & I man, So I know exactly what You’re talking about over here! It’s funny that ALL the people that I know & talk to in my day-by-day life in REAL person, like Family members & friends NEVER seem to get my SUPER OVERENTHUSIASM & EXTREME measures (in their words) towards PEAK performance… I tried to explain to them a Million times man, but they just Won’t & don’t get it… PERIOD! I guess you just gotta live it & breathe it everyday & even dream about this shit man, You just gotta BE it I guess… I’m NOT angry at them for NOT understanding or getting to what I’m trying to achieve over here, It’s something ONLY for a VERY LITTLE MINORITY of people in this world it seems! Oh well! Fuckit It’s all to the good though! I’ll be in Tip Top SUPER Shape & Very Strong & SUper Radiant Healthy untill I’m 150 or older! That’s 1 Thing I know for SURE, WHY & HOW? Because I WORK on it EVERY day, day-by-day I add small & big improvements & I know that by doing it this way I will achieve what I dream of one day, so in other words: I’m living my DREAM EVERY DAY & I make it BETTER Each & Every day!

    IMO this makes it EVEN MORE EXITING then just doing a little training & a little bit of nutrition improvements like MOST people out there, because it’s better then NOTHING… Boohooo I don’t have time for that kinda weak minded idiotic NONSENSE!

    Good article man, this shit is SUPER IMPORTANT To anyone who is training HARD & Want to do so & keep benefiting from it in the LONG RUN!

  2. Great post Logan. Couldn’t agree with you more. BTW, getting a lot of good info from Superman Foods

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