What are the Best Weight Collars?

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In this video I’d like to address what are the best weight collars used for dumbbells and barbells etc. There are many collars available on the market and most of them aren’t really as good as you’d want them to be.

Most people use crappy spring collars. These work, but sometimes they don’t want to easily get on or off the bar. Worse, after a lot of use they tend not to hold the weights on really well.

The second type of collars is usually used for dumbbells and you have to screw it once you slide them on. It takes time and if you are moving some serious weight, you need to make sure to keep them really tight at all times. I’ve had the weights slide off, when they weren’t checked, which is something you want to avoid.

There are also heavy duty weight collars, which can weight several pounds each which is not ideal, since you have to factor in that weight as well. You also have several parts which need to be tightened plus the spinlock mechanism to keep it all in place. Even though you are pretty much 100% safe with this type of collar, the amount of effort required to get it on and off is really not worth it, in my opinion.

The best collar for me has to be the Lock-Jaw Collar. It’s extremely easy to use, since you just need to slide it on the bar and close it. Simple as that! Yes, if you use them for years they might get damaged, but the fact they are so cheap and effective makes up for it.

Lock-Jaw Collars

My favorite collar is the Lock-Jaw Collars

Once I started using these collars I was hooked and never want to use the other variations of collars again. They’re the easiest and fastest to get on and off, while at the same time working great at keeping the weights in place. Two big thumbs up!

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