Flaming Kettlebell Juggling

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Yes it’s finally here…Flaming Kettlebell Juggling.

This idea first came to be after interaction with Johnny Domino at the Become an Oldtime Strongman Workshop with Dennis Roger last year. Johnny is an interesting fellow, performing in a burlesque show as a strongman. He was telling us about a certain “incident” with fire involved and from that subject this idea came up.

Fast forward a number of months and I finally get everything ready to try it out. It worked but I wasn’t happy with the skills I accomplished in that manner.

This past weekend, on Saturday night at the Wizards of Strength workshop, it was time to set some world records, and otherwise to some new and awesome things. I figured it was the perfect time to do it again. I was very happy with the skills I pulled off, mainly the over the shoulder toss, that I couldn’t quite get the first time I did it. This is much harder than normal juggling, what with wearing welding gloves, in the dark and the kettlebell being on fire.

This was something I wanted to do, as its never been done before in this manner to the best of my knowledge.

But I don’t recommend you try this at home. What I do recommend is regular kettlebell juggling, where the kettlebell isn’t on fire. That’s great for everyone.

I’m giving away 35 minutes worth of video on how to get started and move onto advanced skills here, plus much, much more. Check it out.


  1. Hell Yeah man! It was and STILL Is Very Awesome and Amazing indeed! And lets not forget Ferocious and Legendary as well!

    And having witnessed this Feat of Ferocious and Legendary Strength myself in person and thus in real life, makes it a Metric shit (shitload) better and cooler as well! I’m telling all of you who are reading and checking out this article right now: Being there in person and having witnessed it up front instead of a Youtube Video afterwards makes ALL the difference in the world!

    You can actually hear ME, personally in the background as well at the end when I’m telling Logan that he’s “killing it, man!”… That right there was Yours Truly, all the way!

    I could obviously go on and on and on and on and on about how Ferociously Cool, Legendary and Flat out AWESOME (like Kris Wragg said) this Feat of Strength was and STILL is right now, and as a matter of FACT, will ALWAYS be in the History of Physical Culture and Strongmen Realm… But I think you get the point by now!

    Bottom line = AWESOME indeed! Logan is da Man!

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