Contortion Training

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Contortion is closely tied to hand balancing in many ways. Good flexibility is needed for hand balancing. And the most contortionist acts you’ll see a variety of handstands.

Now I have no plans to become a contortionist, but perhaps we can learn a thing or two from their training. And if you are working to become a contortionist yourself, then you may find these videos and articles even more useful.

Here is a video that shows some contortion training.

I especially like the feat at the end where she is picked up while in the extreme backbend.

Probably the biggest part of contortion training is in developing a very flexible back. In this video you can see many back bending skills. Of course, you’ll also require very flexible hips legs, arms and more.

This video also speaks to the value of a good coach. With the right tips and technique, you should be able to see big improvements in your skills, in contortion and in hand balancing, or any other skills.

For more basic flexibility training, that the everyday person requires, click here.


  1. What is your take on extreme flexibility and its effects on strength?

    A specific example would be how training for the flexibility of a back bend like a contortionist like in the video above and the back strength of a power lifter in the dead lift OR even an oldtime strongman with complex motions like the bent press / steel scrolling etc. Starting with a high level of strength and with the focus of strength first and foremost.

    I do not have much concern of being too stiff as I can palm the floor with straight legs and I can full back bend, but increasing my flexibility past that does not seem necessary, but rather seems intriguing.

    1. Author

      Some flexibility is needed to be strong but going to far with it, may actually diminish the strength you can have, or so I’ve heard. In contortionist training the ligaments are stretched to the point where they are longer and thus wouldn’t be able to exert as much strength.

  2. Thanks, I guess it comes down to which one you favor making more progress in.

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