Contortionist Back Bending Skills

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I wouldn’t say my backbend is anywhere close to most contortionists. But I have achieved a good amount of bridging skills over the years. If you want to take your bridging skills even further, then these are the people you need to learn from.

Most of my bridging has focused on increasing strength levels, rather than ever increasing flexibility. Of course, in the beginning pretty much no matter what you’ll have to be working on your flexibility. Even the most basic bridges outside the realm of what most people can accomplish due to lack of flexibility.

What I like about this video is it shows a way to improve your backbend flexibility, further than I’ve gone. This is specifically done by lowering under control, not to the point of touching the ground so much, but by the being able to find the balance and even resting your hands on your legs as you descend.

The more flexibility you have in your back the easier skills like falling into a bridge and standing up out of it will be. You’ll also require less strength, because you won’t have to over power it to put your weight over your center of gravity.

Go ahead and try out the move shown in this video and comment below on how it goes for you. (Of course only do things within your skill level.)

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