505 lb Deadlift (again)

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In working towards a 600 lb. deadlift I have broken the 500 lbs. once again.

You can compare this to my deadlifting 505 almost two years ago. It took a little longer than expected to get back to this level, but truthfully I think I’m stronger. I did this much easier then the first time, although it still wasn’t what I would call easy.

You’ll obviously note my round back position. I’m going to have an upcoming article on this topic.

Here’s the short version. I can do it safely as it seems to work for me, though I wouldn’t recommend most people to do it themselves.


  1. Do you have a round back when working with lighter weights or just heavy? I did heavy deadlifts for the first time in over a year today and found i rounded my back more than usual but still felt strong and stable

    1. Actually I have a round back all the time. It is normal for people to round more so than usual when working with heavier weights though.

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