505lb. Deadlift

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I entered the gym, later than normal, as I had got caught up in a bunch of work earlier. I was feeling pretty good and wondering what exercises I would do today.

Then it popped into my mind…

“You can deadlift 505 today.”

Deadlifting more than 500 lbs. has been a goal of mine for over a year now. I’ve made progress on it only to get sidetracked a number of times over that year.

But now I was more serious about it. I had run my 17 Steps to 100% Goal Setting Success so I knew it would happen sooner or later.

And now my intuition was telling me today could be the day…

But I didn’t believe it. Not at first.

Two days ago I had done 225 lb. Jefferson deadlifts for a total of 74 reps in just over 9 minutes. Then yesterday I was doing partial deadlifts on the plateau buster. Four doubles of 615 lbs. in 8 minutes.

Surely I can’t set a new 20 lb. lifetime max (previous max of 485 on 6/10/11) after doing some forms of deadlifts the past two days.

But I decided to at least give it the benefit of the doubt. I grab 135 on the bar and pulled it up. Felt good. Okay. 225, same thing. 315 was good too.

Maybe it is possible?

Since I’ve been deadlifting a while I’ve noticed a pattern. Whenever I set a new max I first pull lighter weights for more reps than I’ve done before.

At 405 I only did 4 reps but could have easily done 6, if not more.

At 455 I did a triple.

Wow, I think it actually will happen.

I loaded the bar up to 505.

This was only the second time ever I’d be attempting this weight. I had tried it once before at the Tactical Strength Challenge. It didn’t budge off the floor then.

I don’t psych up in the normal sense but I started to do some advanced mental and energy training tactics on myself. Its what my friends Bud Jeffries and Chuck Halbakken affectionately refer to as “voodoo” or “black magic”.

Specifically I was using what I’m calling the ‘Holy Sh!t This Is Powerful Technique’. I’ve still got more testing to do with this before I unleash it to the world but I think the name says a lot. 🙂

I set the camera recording. Used a energy power installation and anchor to stack even more strength on top.

Then I got ready to do the lift…

Here is the video and I’ll give you a play by play below.

It started moving so I was off to a good start.

Once I was past my knees the involuntary shaking began. I’ve only had this happen twice before in my life when it comes to deadlifting. One time before I missed a new max back at 455. The second time I was successful with 485. Usually if the weight is too heavy I don’t get it past the knees.

At this point, it being a goal for so long, I was thinking in my mind, “You’ve gotten this far, just finish it!”

It was more than my body wanted to handle. But in this case my mind forced it and I locked it out.

Sure, I would have liked to have done it easier, and I will in the future. But true maxes seldom are pretty. (And I’m sure to get all kinds of hate mail about my form. At this point I’m used to it, but it works for me.)

There were a lot of things that went into making this possible. I’ve briefly outlined some of them here.

But right now I want to highlight the mental training aspect of it. No one is teaching this, yet it is one of the most powerful allies you have that can be added on top of whatever you’re currently doing.

And if a skinny guy like me, who grew up so weak I couldn’t do a pushup, can now deadlift over 500 lbs, you can accomplish your goals too.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to deadlift. If you want to excel at kettlebells, bodyweight training or feats of strength…

If you’re looking to shed some fat, or add on muscle…

If you just want the added edge in your sport…

This will help.

This package deal will be pull down shortly. In fact I only have 5 left in stock.

There are techniques to unlock the powers of your mind, which will allow you to better unlock the powers of your body.

Use them and you will become more powerful. I guarantee it!

In strength,
Logan Christopher


  1. Nice work. It may not be pretty, but you got the job done. That is a lot of weight for someone your size. I weigh more than you and still can’t get quite that much, though I am getting close. Keep up the good work!

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