Advanced Vacuum Exercises

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What is shown here is an example of what I do with breathing vacuum exercises as part of my morning routine.

Unfortunately, this is not the spot that I typically do this in, but it is a spot I do go to occassionally. I wanted a better back drop for this video than my home, where I normally engage in this routine.

If you’d like lots more on getting start with the Vacuum and a bunch of other breathing exercises then grab a copy of Upgrade Your Breath. It also discusses why you want to be breathing in environments like those shown up the video.

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The vacuum involves the pulling up of the diaphragm, which pulls the stomach in. The effect is not caused by you pulling the stomach in, instead because of this vacuum action. This massages the internal organs, stimulates peristalsis and lymph flow. Since you exhale fully you also breathe out stagnant air that may be caught in your lungs.

The abdominal vacuum is worth doing for everyone.

Then if you’d like to go deeper that’s were muscle control comes in. “The Rope” is when a vacuum is done, but then the rectus abdominis is flexed. With the sides sucked in but those muscles flexed, it takes the appearance of a rope, hence the name.

The Rope - Abdominal Vacuum Muscle Control

The Rope

From there I’ve then been working on isolating one side of the rectus abdominis over the other, followed by some abdominal rolls.

For more details on how to do these check out the Master Muscle Control Course here.

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