60kg Kettlebell Snatch

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The following video shows a few reps on each arm with the 60kg kettlebell snatch.

I ordered a 60kg kettlebell from Dragondoor for the purpose of making it my heavy kettlebell. By means of doing this “The Beast,” aka the 48kg bell, would no longer be the heaviest one I had. This is for both physical and psychological reasons.

Physically, well, you see me snatching this 132 lb. kettlebell. The 106 lb. kettlebell is quite easy in comparison. By working with a heavier weight, then the goal weight I need for the Beast Snatch Test, feels lighter.

Of course, snatches aren’t the only exercise I’m doing with this heavier bell. I’ve done front squats, swings, clean & jerks, even kettlebell juggling too. This is all for the same reason.

And this blends into the psychological reasons. In comparison, it feels lighter. The beast is a small, easily manageable weight in comparison. This helps me to believe that internally as well. And make no mistake, that is very important.

Since getting this heavier weight I have made better progress, closing in on my goal.

For these reasons, the use of a heavier weight than your goal weight is a main method I cover inside of Kettlebell Snatch Domination. I know most people reading this aren’t going to snatch the 60kg bell anytime soon, but let’s say you have a goal with the 24kg. Do some snatches with the 32kg and it will help you achieve your goal.


  1. Well done mate I am blown away, I would like to know how your actual weight compares to the Bell.

    1. Author

      Right now I am on the heavy side (for myself) at around 200 pounds. I put on some weight specifically to help with my snatch goals. So this kettlebell is right about 2/3rds bodyweight.

  2. Hi Logan

    I couldn’t do it, very impressive as always.

    You’re also big and sure not fat, don’t listen to nobody.

    I would be big like you, but we can’t have all in this life.

    Very strong indeed, take care of you and stay healthy and fit.

    Big ciao from Roberto Ciarroni, Switzerland to you and you’re loved one’s.

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