Beast Snatch Progress

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As you likely know if you’ve been paying attention, my main training goal right now is snatching the 48kg or 106 lb. kettlebell 100 times in ten minutes.

When I initially conceived of this goal, I thought I’d be able to make short work of it.

I proved to be mistaken. Very mistaken.

This has proved to be the most difficult training goal I’ve ever undertaken.

But I’m happy to report recently, I surpassed my previous best getting 84 reps.

Although it was a very tough test, I did not give it 100%. I still had a little gas in the tank. So, I’m feeling confident about the future.  Gaining mass has proved to be the most useful thing. I was at 175 after my fast at the start of the year. Now I’m up around 190 and increasing.

But that’s not all.

I’ve been regularly using the Endurance Maximizer Hypnosis and also the Ultimate Recovery Formula hypnosis too.

I’ve gone back to doing breathing exercises every morning, and made sure to do some before this recent workout too.  These make a tangible difference and you can read more about that in Upgrade Your Breath.

I say this all not to say you need to do the same things.

I highly doubt you’re going after this goal too (and I wouldn’t recommend it!).

Instead, my point is that for big goals, whatever they may be, you need a multi-faceted approach.

If you’re only looking at what you’re doing with your physical training, you’re limiting yourself.  You also need to be looking at your mental game, your nutrition, all the other aspects of health, how you support your recovery, what your weakest link is, etc.

On that note, I’ve got something very cool to share with you later this week. Make sure you read Thursday’s announcement…

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