Logan’s Recovery Ability

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I went and saw the movie, Logan, this past weekend. With a name like that, how could I not?

Besides, superheroes, specifically the X-men, were one of the things that pointed me in the direction of unlocking my own super powers when I was young.  By sharing a name with Wolverine, he was always one of my favorites.  While I’ve enjoyed all the X-men movies, despite some being pretty bad, this one stood head and shoulders above the rest.  Sure, the R rating changed things up. It’s a pretty brutal movie.  But the story was just plain good.

I’m not going to give any spoilers here. Instead, what I’m going to talk about is something that is evident even in the previews.

Logan is not quite the same as before.  He limps around the movie. He has a bunch of scars. All of his claws don’t even extend fully!

In short, his amazing healing ability is not what it used to be.

And this relates to you and me. As people get older, one thing often said is that recovery doesn’t happen the same.  Whether it is recovering from a crazy weekend…a hard workout…or an injury, many people can tell the difference from their youth.

If it happens to Wolverine, it happens to the best of us.

That being said, there is something you can do about it.

Recovery is NOT just dependent on age.

If you think about it, it has to do with the many bodily systems. Circulation, elimination, nervous, endocrine, metabolic and more. Basically everything.  Even your attitude, your thoughts and beliefs, affect it.

So, the better those systems work, the better your recovery will be.

Young or old.

Of course, HOW you train, the intensity and volume plays a huge role; that, most people don’t quite grasp. When you recognize you don’t need to train balls to the walls, and certainly not every workout, in order to get results you can put less of a cost on your body, while still getting results.

Then there are certain ways that you train in addition to that, that actually boost recovery by increasing circulation and even toning up the nervous system when it is overspent.

Because recovery is so much about bringing nutrients into cells and eliminating waste, there is a lot you can do nutrition wise that aids in recovery. For instance, certain anti-inflammatory herbs can keep those inflamed muscles and joints in check allowing you to bounce back faster.

Plus, there are a variety of other actions that you can fit into your lifestyle including one completely free option that is proven to decrease DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) and regulate cortisol.

You don’t need to be a mutant to benefit.

You just need to take the right recovery actions.

For step by step details, the Ultimate Recovery Formula lays these all out.

I’m not promising you’ll be like wolverine, but just imagine what even a 10% increase in your body’s recovery ability would mean for you…

A real-life Wolverine, the great wrestler and coach, Dan Gable said, “You must work as hard at recovery as you do at training.”

Do you? If you can’t say so, go here and find out how to make it happen.


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