Constitutional Types and Training

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This is a largely unspoken principle, yet it affects every person in different ways. If we understand it, we can better put the principle into right action.

We all know that we are individuals. What works well for one person doesn’t work well for another. Still, we’re all human, therefore there are certain commonalities.

Bridging the gap between the collective and the individual is constitutional types. Although we are all human and all individual, we have certain traits and characteristics in common with certain humans, more so than others.

Thus, these can be lumped into different types. And this is pretty easy to see in the shape of the body. Yet, why this matters extends far beyond just what your body looks like.
Ectomorph. Mesomorph. Endomorph.

vata - pitta - kapha

Vata. Pitta. Kapha.

It matters for a lot more than whether gaining muscle and fat are easy or not.

It matters for how you approach your training.

It matters for what your strengths are.

It matters for what your weaknesses are.

Looking at the ancient system of Ayurveda, and also my personal experimentation and learning from countless others, I’ve figured out how the different types are best suited for different types of training.

That’s what March’s newsletter, “Which Body Type Are You And How It Affects Your Training” is all about.

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The Temple of Apollo in Delphi states “Know Thyself.”

This is one of the ways in which you can do that.

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