Which Oldtime Strongman are You?

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The Mighty Atom

Eugene Sandow

George Hackenschmidt

Which Oldtime Strongman are You?

They’re all great oldtime strongmen…but you’ll notice they have different builds.

Which one are you like?

While everyone spouts that they have the best training system, is it true for you?

The lack of understanding about constitutional types is one of the biggest problems with the training industry today.

Because depending on which strongman you’re like, your training will be different. Quite different!

If you read the Atom’s story, you know he grew up scrawny, weak and suppose to die. But through tutelage and training, he became a famous strongman. Still, at his peak, he was never a massive guy.

Sandow was known to have the greatest body at the time. His type makes the best bodybuilders. Simply, their bodies are made for it!

And Hackenschmidt was a great wrestler. He’s puffing it up in that pose, but you can clearly see the broadness to him.

There’s much more detail about these three types, and more examples of strongmen that exhibit them, in March’s newsletter, “Which Body Type Are You And How It Affects Your Training.”

More importantly, it covers in detail aspects of your training that will best fit your type.

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  1. Sandow. NEED more leg development, tho. prefer Hackenschmidt’s physique, LOL ‘spose ppl are rarely satisified w/what they have… huh

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